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The purpose of unit assignments is to broaden your comprehension of the unit material. The unit assignments provide an opportunity for you to explore areas that might benefit your own organization or studies and also help you broaden your exposure to the different elements of training and development.
Unit Learning Outcomes

ULO 3.3 Evaluate how to determine the content of a training program.
ULO 3.4 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.

Review the Case Incident – We ID 25 (Chapter 4). Conduct scholarly research to answer the assigned questions. Formulate a 2-3-page response in an APA (7thed.) formatted report. Review the grading rubric for expectations

Case Incident
We Id 25
The Beer Store in Ontario has a strict policy to keep alcohol from being sold to people who are underage or intoxicated. One of the ways in which this policy is enforced is through a program called We ID 25. The program requires Beer Store staff to ask for proper identification of age from anyone who appears to be 25 years of age or younger, even though the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. In addition, customers who appear to be intoxicated can be refused service.
According to the Beer Store, preventing sales to minors is a matter of strict protocols, training, and experience. Extensive training and retraining is provided to all employees who deal with the public. An Employee Orientation package is provided to new staff that includes the We ID 25 program as well as Beer Store policies, practices, and procedures relating to the customer service standard. There are also 16 online courses for new hires. The Beer Store tests the We ID 25 program regularly to ensure that employees are maintaining the standard. They send mystery shoppers to all of its stores at least three times a year to make sure the program is working. In 2015, almost 3.7 million customers were asked for age identification or challenged for intoxication, and about 50 000 individuals were refused service.
1. Describe what a training objective for the We ID 25 training program might focus on. In other words, what should trainees be able to do after training? Now write a training objective for the We ID 25 program. Be sure to include the four key elements and the three key components.
2. What content should be included in the We ID 25 training program? Be sure to indicate how the content you believe should be included will enable employees to enforce the policy to not sell alcohol to people who are underage or intoxicated.
Sources: Gordon, A. (2014, February 13). Rising to a minor challenge. Toronto Star, pp. L1, L4, www.; The Beer Store. The Canadian Business Journal, http://www.; Backgrounder: Responsible alcohol retailing. (2014, April 15). CNW,

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