Chat with us, powered by LiveChat United states History Questions – The New Deal ( NEEED FINISH IN 2 HOURS) | Abc Paper

How would you compare the challenges former president Barack Obama dealt with in terms of domestic economic issues to those faced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Describe both presidents’ critics? 
What was the Liberty League? 
Would you compare the Liberty League to the Tea Party Movement of the 2000s?
How did the 1932 presidential election mark a turning point in American politics?
What was Roosevelt’s attitude about putting people on public assistance or the dole (i.e. giving out welfare ‘checks’)?
What caused the “Roosevelt Recession”? 
What steps did the Roosevelt Administration take to reverse it?
What were the overall effects of the New Deal on American Society? (Look at the “big picture.”) 
What did critics say were the shortcomings of the New Deal?

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