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I am looking for someone to write my term paper on the Bantu migration. I have already written my topic proposal.
HIS 307
Spring 2021
Dr. Chambers

Term Paper Project Description

The purpose of this assignment over the second half of the course is for you to learn more about a civilization or a kingdom or a people (nation, ethnic group) or a region that you find interesting or intriguing or simply want to know more about.

To get started you should skim through Harms, chapters 5-7, and then make a decision.

Your first assignment, as per the Course Outline, will be due Friday, March 12, as a properly formatted Word doc, through the Canvas assignment portal. This Topic Proposal should be only one complete paragraph, in which you clearly define or state your intended topic and briefly explain why you are interested in that. The second page should be a brief bibliography, which at a minimum means one book and two websites, all well-chosen. The book must be published by a university press, and the two websites must be either .edu or .org domains. The bibliography should be properly formatted. You do not need to annotate the bibliography (do not need to include descriptions), just to list them in alphabetical order by author, or if there is no author for the websites then by title. The effort with the bibliography is to take the time to choose well, and then to teach yourself proper bibliography format (for a history course).

In the end, your final paper should be 6-8 pages, with a bibliography. You will then have the opportunity to tell us what you have learned, in your Oral Presentation (of about 5 minutes).

Very good!

Zyon Clayton

HIS 307


Topic Proposal

The topic I have chosen is about the “Bantu” Migration. The Bantu people have a mutual

sound because they share many root words and linguistic features. Approximately 5,000 years

ago, the familial Bantu language speakers known as the ‘Proto-Bantu’ lived in the woodland

Savanna near what is the contemporary day border between Cameroon and Nigeria (Harms,

2018). The Bantu people farmed yams and pearl millet using stone tools and produced oil from

canarium and palm trees. The Bantu also had the technology of creating iron from iron ore.

Small populations of the Bantu group began migrating into Central Africa and then across the

Great Lakes region of East Africa (Harms, 2018). The reasons behind these migrations include

overpopulation, a spirit of adventure, famine, epidemics, warfare between tribes, and increased

competition for local resources.


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