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two Options for Your Required Replies to Classmates 
Option 1 is that you will find an issue of the classmate to whom you respond with which you disagree. You must state why you believe there is a better manner to address a particular issue that differs from your classmate’s response. You must state the major idea associated with your choice and why that idea applies to the issue more appropriately. Your reply must be supported with course materials, in-text citations, and references.
Option 2 occurs if you agree with all of a particular classmate’s initial posting responses.  In that case, you must expand on one issue that your classmate presented.  Your reply will provide more depth or other related factors that your classmate also should consider.  Your reply must be supported with course materials, in-text citations, and references.
Note: You may use either Option 1 or Option 2 for each different classmate to whom you respond.
A response posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph. Word totals for these posts should be in the 75–150-word range.  The goal of your response posts is to extend discussions already taking place or pose new possibilities or ideas not previously voiced.  Your goal should be to motivate the group discussion and present a creative approach to the topic.  Do not merely agree or disagree, repeating what a classmate stated or what you have already stated.  Explain the ‘why or how’ with supporting evidence and concepts from the course material.  Include in-text citations and associated reference within a reference list.

Why It Matters: Communication

Communication and Management

Typical Communication Flows

Barriers to Effective Communication

Channels of Business Communication

Putting It Together: Communication

Why It Matters: Decision Making

Barriers to Individual Decision Making and Styles of Decision Making

Rational Decision Making vs. Other Types of Decision Making

Adapting and Innovating

Technology and Innovation

Managing Change for Organizations

Managing Change for Employees

Running head: DISCUSSION




Discussion 5 – Melissa R. Jimeno

1. Understanding the Need for Innovation.

It is extremely important that employees stay innovative in the workplace. Here is why it is important: having innovative employees are crucial to a company, and having innovative employees are likely to be more motivated as well as involved in the company. (Boundless, Adapting and Innovating) Another bonus is that innovative employees’ job satisfaction is enhanced greatly. It can also create new ideas for the new improvements that the company is currently making.

2. Significant “Noise” factors

There could be some noise factors with the launch of the new product line. Please make sure you are aware of some of the possibilities that could interfere with the push. I have listed 3 noise factors below.

Denotation and Connotation

It is important to make sure there is no confusion as far as dialect, or culture. This could be a huge factor considering the release of furniture in all of the different countries. You need to ensure that all employees are informed on the context of the message that is being addressed so that it alleviates any confusion. (Learning, Barriers to Effective Communication)


Semantics can also interfere with members of different educational backgrounds. As I stated before considering the company is expanding the furniture to all of these different countries is important that words and phrases are not confused with different nationalities.

Information Overload

Considering that the company is releasing a ton of new information for the new product information overload could be a factor. It is important that everyone understands the message that is being addressed. It may take several messages to address the employees, and you may have to address different employees differently to ensure that the information is understood.

3. Obstacles to the Acceptance of Change

There could be several obstacles to change that could make the acceptance of the new product line more difficult for employees to support.


If you don’t communicate effectively with your employees letting them know what the improvements are and the new product then they may become discouraged and not feel like the company cares enough to alert them.


It is important to explain and have trainings that explain the new furniture and in detail. The factor that you could run into is to ensure that they aren’t long and drug out. This could lead the employees to become frustrated and confused to not what’s going on.

Task Force

Please ensure that the woodworkers are all on the same page to ensure all the furniture is made up to standards. Create instructions that are clear and concise to prevent any type of annoyance that could arise.

4. An Effective Change Management Technique

I think the most influential change management style for this company would be incremental change. This is explained as small changes addressed over time. I understand that we are rolling out new furniture, but it would be ideal for everyone on the team to gradually roll out changes in small bits to prevent any overloading frustration between different individuals within the company.

5. Possible Decision-making Oversight

I feel the best decision-making model moving forward would be optimizing. Optimizing would be to collect as much data as possible and to find the best suitable outcome. (Learning, Barriers to Individual Decision Making and Styles of Decision Management) I feel this would be the most beneficial because instead of just making an average choice you are gathering information to make the best choice for the company.


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