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Imagine you are the Information Systems Security Officer at your company and are tasked with creating a cybersecurity threat awareness training. You must create an infographic or job aid for the company’s intranet and a brief presentation for the company’s stakeholders, including executives, managers, and staff.
Create a 1-page infographic or job aid of the cyber domain using the DoD or OSI model.
Identify 5 to 7 threats to the cyber domain, including at least 1 threat for each of the layers in your infographic.
Create a 4- to 6-slide presentation.
Discuss the challenges of securing each layer of the cyber domain in the company’s cyber threat awareness training in your presentation.
Select 3 threats from your infographic or job aid.
Identify 2 challenges from the threats you identified.
Note: You do not need to identify how to mitigate the threat; this presentation is focused on raising awareness of cybersecurity threats and the challenges these threats present.
Format any references according to APA guidelines.

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