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Use your selected company from Weeks 1-5 for this week’s assessment.
You’ve become a trusted resource for your organization, and they’ve asked your advice on having a competitive advantage in the field. More specifically, they would like your analysis and recommendations on ways to bring their company culture, demographics, and technologies up to current industry practices and beyond.
Review the “How to Make a Presentation” video. 
Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes and visuals on every slide that includes the following elements:

An analysis of the organization’s current culture (e.g., beliefs, expectations, values, and norms). Address how managers influence the organizational culture.
An evaluation of the impact of demographic forces (e.g., age, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation, and social class) of your selected organization and what it could be
Note: This is a good place to use your chart/outline/infographic from Wk 5.
An examination of the impact of technological forces (e.g., changes in the technology managers use to design, produce, or distribute goods and services) of your selected company
Consider how this can contribute to innovation within the industry.
An examination on how the organization has complied with ethics and social responsibility behavior
Recommendations of ways to innovate based on your analysis

Submit your assignment.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Demographics and Technology

Damascus Johnson


The Goodyear tire and rubber company deals in the designing and manufacturing of Goodyear types of tires. The company targets individuals that own all types of vehicles. The company has diversified the products to ensure that all shapes and sizes of vehicles irrespective of the manufacturing company can perfectly use the tires. This means that the company targets clients from all genders and ethnicity but on the issue of age, the company targets car owners from the age of 25 to 65 years as the primary target population.
In the year 2019-2020; the company realized the intense competition that had become more severe and threatening. The realization introduced some innovative changes in the company which include coming up with well-designed different standard of tires in order to meet different clients in different economic classes (Nutial, et al., 2019). The change was deemed suitable because Goodyear Tires have been focusing on classic tires that were deemed to target the high class people while as the high number of car owners are in the economy class. The intense competition for companies like Firestone/Bridgestone made the company to change its stand and widen the target market (Tirpak, 2017). The change ever since has been taken positively because the products have been launched and intense marketing done. The change has brought about good tidings for the company. of importance to note is that the management ensured that even the lower quality products meets the set standards and would not put clients into trouble which means ethics was applied. From the fact that the company can offer diverse quality products is something to emulate and applicable in future endeavors as it calls for innovative thinking to remain ahead of competition.


According to Tirpak, (2017); Goodyear Company is used to technology and all operations are technology driven. From tires designing, manufacturing, and supplying; different technologies are used thereby making the staff work easier and faster to execute. Various types of technologies are used in different company units. They include; communication technologies, product technology, business technology and information technology. According to Tirpak, (2017); the use of technology at the company has a positive impact. The more reason is that technology has promoted effectiveness and efficiency thereby reducing the rate of product defects. This is to mean that the raw materials that the company invests in are turned into high quality end products that fetch a reliable profit margin for the company.
Because of technology, consumer complaints have reduced and more so that products have become more attractive due to their durability nature thereby making the company highly competitive. Because of technology, the production processes are handled at a fast rate than ever before and this has made the company to be in a position to serve a higher number of clients within a short time. Hence, the company is able to make its products accessible. This is not ignoring the fact that technology has helped in reducing cost of production therefore making the products more affordable without compromising the quality. Lastly according to Rodrigues, & Oliveira, (2020); technology has made it possible for the company to manufacture green tires that are ecosystem friendly something that has made Goodyear tires part of global companies fighting against global warming.


Nutial, N., Myatt, T., Genetin, J., Paananen, B., & Moore, J. (2019). Goodyear” As a service” Project Plan.
Rodrigues, G. F. C., & Oliveira, N. P. (2020). Impacts of Green Tire Technology: Case Study of Environmental and Customer Perspectives. In Water, Energy and Food Nexus in the Context of Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation (pp. 271-285). Springer, Cham.
Tirpak, T. M. (2017). Lean-Driven Innovation: Powering Product Development at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Research Technology Management, 60(1), 62.


Organization Structure

Damascus Johnson

Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company’s Organizational Structure

The organizational chart above vividly indentifies that Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company is headed by a chief executive officer who is deputized by a vice president. Under the chief executive officer (C.E.O) there are directors of different department; namely, Finance, Legal, Communications, Marketing, Operations, Product and Director Human Resource. While some directors are still managers of constitute department, others have sub-domain managers under them; for instance in finance there is chief officer procurement, chief officer accounting. In Human resource there is the human resource manager, under the operations director there is supply chain manager and office operations manager, under director communication there is media manager and company communications manager, in marketing there is head of marketing and under the director product there is product design manager and product development manager

Type of Organization Structure

This is a hierarchical organization structure. First, it is pyramid shaped and second, the chain of commands comes from the top down the hierarchies. In other words, command comes from the chief executive officer (CEO), whose functions are deputized by the vice president, down to the director, departmental managers, supervisor to entry level employees in the organizational (Boon & Wynen, 2020).

Role Relations

Though Hierarchical organization structure is the most common type of organization structure due to its various advantages, it also has it cons. The advantages are that authority in an organization is clearly defined. It vividly show the communication chain in terms of who reports to whom in work and specific projects for example in Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company, the procurement manager reports to the director finance, who report to the chief executive officer, similarly, the media manager reports to director communication who in turn reports to the CEO (Boon & Wynen, 2020). It motivates the employees with a clear career path and promotion chance for instance a entry level marketer would become head of marketing then director of marketing. It also gives the organization employees specialty and lastly creates camaraderie between the employees of same departments (Boon & Wynen, 2020). The cons are that it slows down innovation and important changes due to bureaucracy, it demeans organization unity as some employees can act only at the interest of a department rather than the whole organization, low level employees have no say and may feel insignificant in the organization functioning (Boon & Wynen, 2020).


Boon, J., & Wynen, J. (2020). When are organizational reforms perceived positively? An examination of the role of employees’ hierarchical level. Public Management Review, 1-22.

chief executive officer

vice president

chief officer finance

director Human resource

director operations

chief legal officers

director product

chief officer procurement

chief officer accounting

c.o supply chain

officer management

Human resource manager

Human resource

product design

product development


head of marketing

director marketing


director communication

company lawyers

company communications

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