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Assignment:Make the following two parts (politics and ending) into slides. The politics part needs 3-4 slides, and the conclusion needs 1 slide. Each slide should be about 150 words. Please make reasonable use of this political part to compare Taiwan and Singapore. In the conclusion part, we prefer Singapore



· Type of Government: The government consists of the presidency and five branches which are the executive, judicial, legislative, examination, and control.
· Freedom rate:Free (WDA,2020)24
· Political rights: 37/40
· Civil liberties: 56/60 (WDA, 2020)
· Corruption Perception Index: Rank (28/180), Score (65/100) (Publication Data, 2020)23
· Human Development Index: (0.911) Rank (-)


· Type of Government: Parliamentary republic.
· Freedom rate: Partly Free (FreedomHouse, 2021)33
· Political rights: 19/40 (WDA, 2020)25
· Civil liberties: 31/60 (WDA, 2020)26
· Corruption Perception Index: Rank (4/180), Score (85/100) (The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, 2020)22
· Human Development Index: (0.932) Rank (9)


           Politics is seen to be at the rank four. Thus, both Taiwan and Singapore have different political forms. The type of government in Taiwan consists of the presidency and five branches: executive, judicial, legislative, examination, and control. On the flip side, the type of government in Singapore is seen as a parliamentary republic. Taiwan is seen to be a free country, while the freedom rate in Singapore is seen to be partly free. The political rights and civil liberties in Taiwan are higher as compared to those in Singapore.
           Both nations have a lower corruption index. However, it is seen that Singapore is the least corrupt country when compared to Taiwan. Thus, a lower corruption index is seen to increase the people’s faith in the current government. Since both nations have a lower corruption index, it means that they can increase their creditworthiness and that foreign companies can invest in the country. 
           Taiwan is still not ranked and not included in the latest report by the United Nations Development Program. However, in terms of human development, Singapore is ranked position 9 out of 180 nations. This shows that the overall living standard in Singapore is high. Overall, the numbers for both countries are high in the world.
           By looking at this, it is key to come up with a way in which Apple will get to set up its operations in the countries.  It needs to consider some factors before embarking on the process of starting the production of the Apple AR headset. The first thing that the company will get to look at is the political stability of the countries. It is key considering the fact that the countries have got a strong political system. By this, it means that whenever the company sets up the business, then they will not be affected by any violence that is caused by politics. In a country that has no political stability it is difficult to conduct business, by the fact that the company will be afraid at all times, knowing the fact that they will end up displaced at any given time. In this case, Taiwan and Singapore have got a strong political system that favors any business in setting up their operations and ensuring that they get to succeed at all times (Choi et al. 2019). 27
           The company can also consider setting its operation and more outlets in Taiwan since it is a free country. It means that one will have all the freedom in getting to conduct their activities without any restrictions. Taiwan offers businesses and companies an opportunity to do their things without imposing any barriers. The company can therefore think more of setting their operation in Taiwan, unlike Singapore, which does not exercise so much freedom. It has some restrictions, which makes it for other businesses to conduct their business. Setting up apple’s AR headset will be a great challenge in the manner that it will limit the company as they will not be able to conduct their operations in a free and fair environment (Shalpegin, 2020).32 Apple AR headset can also consider another factor, such as the corruption index, before setting up the business. It is key in the manner that they will get to see the place where they will not use many resources while setting up the business. The factor of corruption is key, and, in this case, Singapore is stated to have the lowest index when it comes to corruption. It is an indication that it will be easier setting up the business without having to pay for any extra charges or being in a position of paying for the unbudgeted cost. The key thing is to ensure that the business is benefiting the company and, in most instances, it does not get to use its profits in getting resources. Taiwan, on the other hand, has got a slightly higher corruption index which is an indication that the company will not get a favorable environment which will limit them from conducting their operations. But on the other hand, the index credit of Taiwan is not that high, indicating that it will favor Apple from setting its operations. 
           The other thing with Taiwan is that they have got cheap and readily available resources and labor as well Singapore. The company will not be required to import raw materials from other countries or resources that will be used in the processing of Apple AR headsets. The company, in this case, will save a large amount that will be generated into the company for other services. The other thing is that it will be easier for the company in the manner that they will have cheap and readily available labor that will allow them to perform their services easily. 

Conclusion entry strategy

          Taiwan is renowned for its electronics production, while Singapore is known for its international financial centers. And although Singapore lacks energy sources such as coal or oil, it does have a strategic position, which is one of the main reasons for its prosperity. The island is located in a remarkable geographic position, in the center of a vital trading route between Europe and Asia, with excellent facilities and connectivity, as well as a high degree of port service, which gives it greater negotiating power. However, manufacturing accounts for just around 20% of Singapore’s GDP today. Telecommunications firms, for example, are being privatized to allow them more efficiency. Eventually, service sectors such as banking and insurance became liberalized even further. Because of this transparency, the share of GDP devoted to utilities increased from 24% in 1985 to even more than 70% in 2017 (Mahbubani, 2017).34
         we make Singapore our priority since the Global peace Index has shown that although there is an increment of the violent world, this country has been more peaceful. The country has advanced 13 places from 2018, and it has been gaining since then to this year. Because of this, the country feels safe since it is politically stable. There is an assurance of peace continuity, and hence the investment will not be at high risk. We feel that Taiwan lately has not been so much so since it is complaining much of harassment by the military from China since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Mahbubani, 2017).34
          In such a country, it will be much of a risk engaging in a business since we are not sure how long this is going to take. Singapore has been ranked as the fourth incorrupt country; hence it is much better than Taiwan. Socially the countries are okay, and human rights protocols are followed in both. Economically Singapore has a higher GDP in comparison to Taiwan, and hence Singapore seems to have a higher market compared to Taiwan. In the two countries, urbanization is okay, and the use of modern technologies has been enhanced. Singapore has a well stable government and hence a better environment to carry out business (Mahbubani, 2017).34

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