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Maegan Duran 

Week 3 Discussion


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1. The benefits derived from membership in a professional association/organization are for the benefit of the student in the field while transition to the job world. Certified Health Education Specialists or CHES establishes a national standard of practice for all health education specialists. It attests to the individual health education specialist’s knowledge and skills. It assists employers in identifying qualified health education practitioners. Develops a sense of pride and accomplishment among certified health education specialists and promotes continued professional development for health education specialists (Cottrell, Girvan, Seabert, Spear, & McKenzie, 2017, p. 168). I would become a member in any association or organization that furthered my education a career goal. CHES and MCHES are ones that I know are heavily important in the Public Health setting.
2. I think the one setting that I have always been interested in is teaching and possibly teaching in the medical community. I have always loved helping and am encouraged to see people wanting to get healthier and gain more knowledge at the same time. I don’t know how I would do being a community health educator. I’m not a big person on events or putting together groups in different communities. I feel more comfortable in a smaller setting and possibly one on one setting. I feel like I like to dig deep and listen clearly to an individual’s needs and asses how I can help.


Cottrell, Girvan, Seabert, Spear, & McKenzie. (2017). Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education. Pearson.
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Ruby Navarro 

Week #3


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Week #3 Discussion
Benefits to joining a professional association or organization would be networking within your field of work. You would develop a professional identity among other professionals. You would gain professional guidance and mentoring, leadership development and continuing education. Also, within the organization you may have opportunities for discounted fees for attendance to conferences and publications.  Its important for students to join, this allows them to grow in their field of work, gain professional relationship that can help when seeking for a professional position.
For me I think I would like to join American Public Health association (APHA), first it’s the oldest and largest association in Public Health, with over 50,000 members. I appreciate their mission statement; “improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status”. This for me is important, connects to my values as a public health worker. In APHA the members represent the major disciplines of public health and have sub-divided sections, providing education and healthy promotion to almost everyone.
One setting I would like to work Community health. I enjoy working with prevention. I feel this is most impactful for the community.  In community health I would work with multiple groups and can always change. I know the disadvantage to working in this setting is lack of funding.
(Randall R. Cottrell, 1972)
Cottrell, R. R., Girvan, J. T., McKenzie, J. F., Seabert, D. M., & Stearns, P. N. (1972). Principles and foundations of health promotion and education (7th ed.). Pearson.
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