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This assignment is a continuation of the employee satisfaction survey results that you saw in Module Two. Review the survey results and utilize the findings to complete this activity.
The vice president of your organization has asked you to analyze the gaps found in the employee engagement survey and then develop a personal development plan that you will utilize to address these leadership gaps. You also need to include the plan in the adaptive leadership toolkit that you will create in the next module. Other leaders can use your personal development plan as a guide for creating their own development plans.

Assignment Details:

· Gap Analysis: Evaluate the 
survey results
 and consider which leadership competencies are apparently lacking, resulting in the negative trends you have identified.
· Leadership Competencies: Identify competencies that you need to develop, according to the results of your Leadership Circle self-assessment, to make an impact on the negative trends you see.
· SMART Goal Setting: Create your personal development plan using SMART. Keep in mind your personal development plan will be used as an exemplar for the rest of the organization. Use the 
Personal Development Plan template

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your answers by completing the provided template. If references are included in this assignment, cite them in APA format.




Current Year Two Years Ago Four Years Ago

Constantly strives to provide value to our clients and customers CLIENT/CUSTOMER 90 89 91

My company cares about its employees COMPANY & STRATEGY 60 70 75

My company cares about its customers COMPANY & STRATEGY 75 74 76

I believe the company mission and vision drive the decisions that are made COMPANY & STRATEGY 60 65 71

My job makes good use of my skills and abilities JOB SATISFACTION 43 52 59

I am very satisfied with my job JOB SATISFACTION 35 41 48

My supervisor shows appreciation for the work that I do JOB SATISFACTION 38 48 55

My pay is competitive with others places that I could work JOB SATISFACTION 75 77 76

I am proud to be a part of this company JOB SATISFACTION 70 72 79

I am proud to tell my friends and family that I work here JOB SATISFACTION 80 81 80

Recognizes employees based on merit, i.e., accomplishments, successes. RECOGNITION & PRAISE 46 49 52

I feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things RECOGNITION & PRAISE 35 40 43

My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment RECOGNITION & PRAISE 38 42 44

When people work extra hard to meet our goals they are rewarded accordingly REWARD & RECOGNITION 31 35 40

My Supervisor takes the time to praise those who do an excellent job REWARD & RECOGNITION 35 39 44

I have received the training I need to perform my job responsibilities TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT 66 70 68

My Supervisor talks with me to help me determine my training and development goals. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT 25 28 33

Maintains working conditions that are safe WORKING CONDITIONS 78 80 80

Maintains working conditions that are clean and orderly WORKING CONDITIONS 80 82 82

Respects the dignity and diversity of all employees WORKING CONDITIONS 75 76 75

Committed to helping employees fulfill their family and other responsibilities WORKING CONDITIONS 76 73 68

Provides leadership who act in just and ethical ways WORKING CONDITIONS 35 45 53

Provides employees with a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their jobs WORKING CONDITIONS 77 80 80

Provides employees with a sense of security in their jobs WORKING CONDITIONS 43 44 47

Provides employees with fair compensation WORKING CONDITIONS 75 76 75

Promotes an environment in which employees feel free to make suggestions and complaints WORKING CONDITIONS 37 41 44

Provides an inclusive environment where each employee is considered as an individual WORKING CONDITIONS 36 40 41

I have the tools and resources to do my job well WORKING CONDITIONS 76 77 76

In my job I have clearly defined quality goals WORKING CONDITIONS 80 80 77

When I am having difficulty my Supervisor is there to support me so I do not feel abandoned WORKING CONDITIONS 35 38 44

My Supervisor gives me useful information on how I can improve my job performance WORKING CONDITIONS 38 41 44

My Supervisor lets me know where I stand and what is expected of me WORKING CONDITIONS 36 39 42

I trust my supervisor WORKING CONDITIONS 24 33 39

MBA 530 Module Six Assignment
Personal Development Plan Template

Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.

First and Last Name: [Insert text.]

Date: [Insert text.]  

Goal Description: [Insert your personal development goal and the objectives that describe successful completion of this goal.]

Leadership Competency: [Insert the leadership behavior or skill that will be improved upon completion of this goal.]   




S: Specific

What do I plan to accomplish? What do I plan to achieve? What is the reason for this goal? Why is it relevant?  
Example: Ensure a development plan, with specific deliverables, is jointly developed with all of my direct reports.  

[Insert text.]

M: Measurable

What metric(s) will be used to determine if you meet the goal? If more than one milestone is included, provide the metric that will be used to measure performance.  

[Insert text.]

A: Achievable

What tools and skills do I need to achieve the goal? Who needs to be involved for me to be successful? What is my motivation for wanting to achieve this goal?  

[Insert text.]

R: Relevant

How is this goal linked to an overall business objective? How will this goal increase my knowledge and improve my overall performance? 

[Insert text.]

T: Time Bound

Provide tangible deliverable(s) with due dates if more than one milestone is included. Provide the final due date for completion of this development goal.  

[Insert text.]

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