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From their inception, the founders of Kickstarter were largely aligned in how they prioritized a culture rooted in achievement and ethical behavior. 
However, they ran into numerous problems and have also dealt with competitive threats due to the exploding interest in crowdfunding.
Question: What can Kickstarter do in the coming years to reinforce their competitive advantage? 

* I HAVE PROVIDED A TEMPLATE for you to use. CLICK HERE for the Template. 
* Answer the question listed above by providing TWO core strategic actions. You may list additional information and discussion, but focus your efforts on these TWO recommendations that Kickstarter should incorporate. For each recommendation, associate a threat/opportunity with a strength/weakness.
* Also, pay very close attention to the consulting frameworks we have introduced thus far and the criteria that constitute a sustainable competitive advantage. 
* Ensure that you adhere to the norms of written communication, including message, grammar, and spelling.

Team members:

(DELETE ALL GRAY TEXT before submission. Gray text is only for your guidance. Keep the BOLDED headings.)

Formatting: Use paragraphs to separate your ideas within the headings. Use 1-inch margins all around with no extra space between paragraphs (use what I’ve provided—it’s already without space between paragraphs), and Times New Roman, 12-point font (not bolded, except for the headings provided). The length is 3-4 pages overall, or about 1400-1900 words. If you follow the guidelines I have provided, i.e., about 150-200 words for “key issues”, about 750-1,000 words for “strategic actions”, and about 500-700 words for “implementation steps”, you’ll hit that target length.
Do not skip to the next page between headings. This creates huge gaps of white space. Headings (which are already provided for you) should immediately follow the text of the previous section, with a single line of space between the previous text and the next heading (just as this set of instructions is formatted). The headings include “1. Recommendations”—which has two sub-headings (“1.1 – Key Issues” and “1.2 – Strategic Actions”) and “2. Implementation Steps”. Use all of these headings; don’t delete them.
Also, do not skip lines between paragraphs. Write your paragraphs just as these instructions are written, one line after the other, with a half-inch indentation for the first line of a paragraph. Again, you may skip a single line between headings, just as this is formatted.

1.1 – Key Issues
Brief restatement of the problem(s) assigned for you to address. Be brief. DO NOT detail a great deal of history which we already know. This is about 150-200 words (just slightly longer than this two paragraphs of instructions), and it succinctly summarizes the Situation/Complication/Question (the SCQ portion) from Minto’s Pyramid Principle. Remember the ordered structure of Situation > Complication > Question > Answer from Minto’s Pyramid Principle, and go back to review the video in Unit 1 if you need to.
Get them on your side by summarizing the “situation” in a way that they will readily identify with. Then, detail the “complication” that makes a solution non-obvious (i.e., why they’re looking for your help!). This also further demonstrates that you understand the client’s perspective. Next, summarize the “question” that they have explicitly or implicitly underscored with their statement of the problem at hand.

1.2 – Strategic Actions
Again, this the “ANSWER” portion of the SCQA format from the Minto’s Pyramid Principle from Unit 1. Provide your TWO recommendations in this section. Be specific about what each strategic entails. For each strategic action, provide (in paragraph form, not with bullets): WHAT? A very brief summary of the specific recommendation (1-2 sentences). WHY? List the conclusions you reached. HOW DO WE KNOW? List the logic, analysis, or evidence you drew on to reach those conclusions.
A good target length of this section is about 750-1,000 words. But again, work within the overall limit of 3-4 single-spaced pages. If you need a little more space here, and less space there, it’s fine. Use your best judgment.

After briefly detailing the recommendation and justifying it with logic and analysis, detail exactly what the entity should do to carry out your recommendation(s). A target length of this section is about 500-700 words.
Do NOT say “you should do more research” or “develop a budget for a marketing plan”, because this has zero value. Provide specific examples of what they might do.

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