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Formulate the Research Methods for your selected topic. Please note that all students are to carry out a meta-analysis research method. Make sure that you incorporate all appropriate elements:
* the type of research used
* the step-by-step process of the research
* the tools used during the research
* how these tools were handled
Note: Remember that you should use the past tense, 3rd person, active or passive voice. 
2. Post your Research Methods.
3. Then, read the posts submitted by two other classmates and provide meaningful feedback for improvement.
The writer used a meta-analysis approach in the analysis of the articles. In this case, the journals were retrieved from the EBSCO database, which is a reputable source for scholarly-reviewed materials. The resulting articles were obtained using main keywords such as “IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION” and “TECHNOLOGY AND ACADEMIC SUCCESS.” The journal articles obtained were thoroughly assessed to ensure that they relevantly covered the main topic. Of the 21 articles analyzed, only five were selected based on the quality of the information they contained and age. To determine which material to use, the writer assessed the abstract, methodology, results, and conclusion to ensure that the details covered the area of interest comprehensively.
The entire set of articles selected were less than five years old, which is important in research since environments keep changing. The transformation of such environments could affect the outcomes of the study making past findings irrelevant or contradictory. Markedly, technology is a highly dynamic area, meaning that innovations occur often, which could change its impact on education. The information presented in these articles was meant to help the writer assess the general position of scholars concerning the influence technology has on education. The initial position was that digital transformations that occurred in the industry have simplified the content of scholarly materials and improved accessibility.
The five articles were selected based on the quality of the research approach used and the quality of the information analysis. The writer did not choose them based on the findings since such an act would result in a biased conclusion. Articles selected were of high quality since they were peer-reviewed and would be suitable for the meta-analysis process.


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