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Despite the significant improvements in medical science in equipment and processes, the quality of healthcare service on patients is lagging below the expected standards. It is desirable to improve the qualitY of patient handling, patient safety, and the speed of serving admitted patients. A systematic approach to healthcare processes improves the standards of healthcare delivery (ipatientcare, 2016). To improve on the quality of services in a clinical setting; processes should be divided according to functional groups, instill a patient-focused approach, employ digital data-handling technology, and integration of care-coordination software  
To accelerate the process of patient reception, diagnosis, and admission, each process has to be approached independently (ipatientcare, 2016). Instead of perceiving the process as a single complex task, such a classification streamlines the healthcare process. Clinical organizations should be based on patient satisfaction. When healthcare staff is focused on patient safety, patient engagement, and patient-oriented communication, the quality of service is improved, as evidenced through patient satisfaction. Digital data management allows for accurate tracking of patient history and medication. Data-driven records facilitate easy monitoring, which minimizes errors that could lead to the wrong prescription. Clinical Healthcare organizations demand co-ordination with each other due to hospital referrals for patients. Care co-ordination software regularly updates patient progress during each visit. If the patient’s condition is lagging behind expectation after a specific procedure was administered, the patient can be transferred to another facility equipped with better equipment and staff.
An improved healthcare system results in a safe, effective, and patient-centered approach equipped with a predictive ability to respond to a particular medication.  
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