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Course Project Final Submission—Managing Knowledge
This week, you will finalize your project research and analysis on the emerging technology topic you selected in Week 1. This week, we learned that flows of knowledge through industry networks benefit the technological outcomes and enhance the competitive position of a firm.
Utilizing the concepts introduced this week, address the following tasks pertaining to your project topic:

Given your emerging technology selection, conduct research on pertinent industry forums that promote knowledge sharing for that emerging technology. Some examples of industry forums are standards organizations, open groups, professional organizations and associations, professional social networks, technology groups, cooperative technical organizations, academic and professional education and publication institutions, and professional certification consortiums. Identify specific industry forums that relate to your emerging technology of choice.
Discuss the benefits for your organization of belonging to each industry forum identified. Explain how your organization would leverage the knowledge-networking channels resulting from its participation in or membership of these forums.
Analyze specific ways for your organization to improve its knowledge-networking position and benefits by considering network ties that would strengthen its knowledge-networking-degree centrality and betweenness centrality.
Consider possible alliances with other firms in the same, or a related, industry space as your organization, with the objective to build a competitive advantage in the adoption of your chosen emerging technology. What specific complementary attributes that are pertinent for optimizing the adoption of your chosen emerging technology would you look for to forge such alliances? Examine effective governance processes that your organization could apply to manage the risks associated with cospecialized assets and asset specificity that could result from establishing alliances.
As you complete the analysis of the adoption of your selected emerging technology for your organization, discuss possible customized workplace and human resources considerations.

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