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Instructions:  Write an essay of 4-5 paragraphs about ONE of the following topics.  Remember to balance the word count in your paragraphs to about 150-200 words.  Not too many more or less.  Right in the middle around 175 words per paragraph is just about perfect development if organized well.
1.  Compare and/or contrast 2 careers you are considering for the future.  What are the pros and cons, or benefits and struggles of each?   How does your comparison influence your thoughts about pursuing these careers, or not.  In your conclusion, include how the impact of some of your supporting ideas persuade you to prefer one career above the other.
2.  Develop a contrast essay about learning in face-to-face courses (at school in the classroom) you have taken and the current remote online learning that has occurred since schools have locked down.   In your conclusion, include whether you prefer learning from online from home or learning in person on campus.

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