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Before you begin, look back at the Development Overview. What is the purpose of higher education? What is your role in our story?
The Higher Learning Commission is the accrediting agency for Maricopa Colleges. Although we are part of one district, each college seeks accreditation independently. Accreditation criteria (Links to an external site.) includes

College Mission
Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
Teaching and Learning: Quality Resources, and Support
Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, and Planning

The Higher Learning Commission Advocacy Agenda provides a voice for HLC’s strategic directions on higher education issues at the federal and state levels. Review each section in the 2021 HLC Advocacy Agenda –
Write a 1-page reflection paper.

What does it mean to use course material as a tool for social justice?
What can/does this look like in real life?
How will you encourage, empower, and equip your students to use their education to improve their lives while positively contributing to a more democratic and more just society?
Development Overview
What is the purpose of higher education? 
Have political and fiscal debates about higher education lost sight of the value of education for individuals and society? Dr. Johnnetta Cole discusses how universities can inform and inspire.

Trace the history of _ in the U.S.
· Hispanic Serving Colleges and Universities

· Historically Black Colleges and Universities

· Liberal Arts Colleges

· Research Universities

· Single-Sex Institutions

· Tribal Colleges and Universities


1. Trace the history of higher education in the US. (I)
2. Apply elements of course planning to online course design. (V)


· Read Canvas pages and view media
· Online Discussion: Initial post and reply
· Assignment: eLearning Microcredential (Due Week 7)

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