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Explore the pros and cons for identifying the nurse leader and nurse educator roles as advanced practice nurses


Nurse educators are healthcare personnel responsible and accountable for providing education in nursing schools such as technical ad university schools. They are also incorporated as teachers in the hospital-based nursing programs (Booth,Emeron, Christ, Hackney and Scouter 2016).On the other hand, a nurse leader is a health care officer responsible for ascertaining patient safety and care quality. A nurse leader is the leading healthcare personnel of RNs and managers.
Although nurse educators and nurse leaders do not directly provide care to patients is an advantage to assign them the role of advanced practice nurses. The nurses have the skills and knowledge required to provide quality care to patients. They assist the healthcare sector in enhancing evidence-based care through research and development. On the other hand, nurse leaders specialists monitor and manage quality care by assigning other nurses responsibilities based on their qualifications, hobbies, and interest. This indicates that nurse educators and nurse leaders have the same knowledge and skills as advanced practice nurses (Lynn,2015).


The main disadvantage of making nurse leaders and nurse educators advance practice nurses is the lack of hand patients’ experience. Although they have the same qualifications as advanced practice nurses, they lack the experience to handle patients. They may also be unable to integrate emerging technologies during care provision. Assigning an advanced practice nurse to a nurse educator or a nurse leader will compromise the quality of care to patients since they may be unable to put the theoretical knowledge to actual practice during care provision.
In my opinion, I agree with the responsibility of nurse leaders and nurse educators as an advanced practice nurses. Since they are critical personnel that enables other healthcare workers to provide care based on evidence-based practice through their research and development effort, there will be poor quality services to patients. If nurse educators and nurse leaders are absent in the healthcare system.


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