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Company overview 

Write a short description of your chosen business or organization. Include information such as location, time in business, size of business (approximate), number of employees, products or services, business model etc. Include URL of website. Explain what the “one thing” is that might inspire passion or advocacy in employees and customers.
You may include: products, target markets, distribution channels, number of employees, length of time in business, market share, main competitors, offline marketing strategy etc.

Define Your Brand      Elements 

– Your core (this is your brand essence, your “heart and soul”)
– What should drive all communications 


– Helps with internal communication
– Shows heritage and commitment 
– Demonstrates a nimble nature 
– doing what’s right for the mission 


– Clearly define your niche and brand promise
– Understand how you fit into your competitive landscape 


– brand elements (logos, symbols, characters, packaging, slogans, trademarks)
– Logo variations 
– Digital and print usage parameters 

Brand      perception 

The basis for current brand perceptions by customer 
Perceptions of line and product extensions by customers and the      distribution channel
knowledge of the brand, awareness, and the strength, favorability      and uniqueness for customers. 

The goal is to find out what consumers think, feel and do about the brand and product category to identify sources of brand equity, and to uncover any problem areas.
Sources for this can be company sources, trade magazines, business publications, Google searches or even primary research executed by students. HINT – This will be easier for a top or well-known brand.

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