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Write a one page update of how your project is going. use my proposal to know about the project.

Alaisari 2

Warda Alaisari
Ms. Groves
4 March 2021
Social Support, Stress, and Adaptation in Immigrant Youth
The purpose of this proposal project is to write a research paper about social support, stress, and adaptation in Immigrant youth. The proposed research aims to address two main indebtedness concerning the adaptation of immigrant students to the United States school environment, which are the absence of longitudinal information about post-migration adjustment and lack of data about the impact of immigration on students varying age levels (Cory et al. 258). This research focuses on the behavioral, academic and emotional adaptation of immigrant adolescents and children regarding the support offered by the social networks and their levels of post-migration stress. This research will offer an essential window on the original adaptations of immigrant adolescents and children.
Various studies have recognized several neglected areas in terms of study, such as a disruption of social network relations, the effect of migration-related stress on families, effects of perceived discrimination and prejudice, and socioeconomic background (Cory et al. 258). Reviews of literature propose that many immigrant children adjust successfully; however, immigrant adolescents were found to have lower efficacy and more distanced from their peers than non-immigrants (Cory et al. 258). Academically, immigrants’ students aim to outdo non-immigrants student of the same cultural background but the existence of divergence across sociocultural boundaries.


One of the methods that will be used in this research will be taking information and statistics from specialized research in this field. Because it is a quantitative research, reports and research will be selected that contain real statistics from migrant children and adolescents. The length of this research will be about 10 pages, and many academic resources will be used. 6-7 sources will be selected for this research.


Research and reports will be selected on the behavioral, academic and emotional adjustment of adolescents and immigrant children. The most important points and interesting statistics will be taken to be added to the research to make it interesting and to avoid boredom while reading the research paper.

Works Cited
Cobb, C., Xie, D., Meca, A. and Schwartz, S., 2017. Acculturation, Discrimination, and Depression Among UnauthorizedLatinos/as in the United States

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