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The immigration act of 1965 which opened the U.S for immigrants who are from different parts of the world. Parts and places like different countries from Asia, Africa, and more. The United States after that immigration act has become a place where there is a lot religious diversity like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Muslims. Back then and when the immigration move happened, all of people who has different faiths found it hard to practice their religion because of how people that recently joined that group from America or from where ever they come from. Diana Eck noticed that in one day in one of her classes she saw that there are a good number of the students come from different backgrounds and different religious beliefs which made her know that the religious of the U.S has completely changed.  Every religion in America is continually increasing in terms of people who joins the religion. From people that comes as immigrants and also from American who have found that one of these religious meaningful to them. There is a concern from people around the world that came to America back in 1965 with their different backgrounds and religions that in the next generation that the people who practice their religion would make the belief that are following change or making them too American of many ways like changing their style or maybe not practice as the way past generations does to their religion and that goes to all religions that came to America. 

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