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There are 3 profiles, each profile shares the same general topic headings;  analyze these 6:  

Secondary Education 
Higher Education 
Employment (first job, subsequent, and current)
Current residence 

2. Compare each profile, and, in complete sentences/paragraphs, analyze how this aspect of their upbringing helped or hindered each individual  ( reread that section on each profile , Then analyze how this helped/hindered his success. and then analyze the other two profiles. Some profiles may not require as much analysis, explain how NOT having that experience may hinder her later success. )

The late political theorist/activist Michael Harrington once

commented, “America has the best-dressed poverty the world

has ever known.” Clothing disguises much of the poverty in

the United States, and this may explain, in part, the country’s

middle-class image. With increased mass marketing of

“designer” clothing and with shifts in the nation’s economy

from blue-collar (and often better-paying) manufacturing jobs

to white-collar and pink-collar jobs in the service sector, it is

becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish class differences

based on appearance. The dress-down environment prevalent

in the high-tech industry (what American Studies scholar

Andrew Ross refers to as the “no-collar movement”) has

reduced superficial distinctions even further.

Beneath the surface, there is another reality. Let’s look at

some “typical” and not-so-typical lifestyles.

American Profile
Name: Harold S. Browning

Father: Manufacturer, industrialist

Mother: Prominent social figure in the community

Principal child-rearer: Governess

Primary education: An exclusive private school on Manhattan’s Upper East

Note: A small, well-respected primary school where
teachers and administrators have a reputation for
nurturing student creativity and for providing the finest
educational preparation





Ambition: “To become President”

Supplemental tutoring: Tutors in French and mathematics

Summer camp: Sleep-away camp in northern Connecticut

Note: Camp provides instruction in the creative arts,
athletics, and the natural sciences

Secondary education: A prestigious preparatory school in Westchester

Note: Classmates included the sons of ambassadors,
doctors, attorneys, television personalities, and well-
known business leaders

Supplemental education: Private SAT tutor

After-school activities: Private riding lessons

Ambition: “To take over my father’s business”

High-school graduation gift: BMW

Family activities: Theater, recitals, museums, summer vacations in
Europe, occasional winter trips to the Caribbean

Note: As members of and donors to the local art
museum, the Brownings and their children attend
private receptions and exhibit openings at the
invitation of the museum director

Higher education: An Ivy League liberal arts college in Massachusetts

Major: Economics and political science

After-class activities: Debating club, college newspaper,
swim team

Ambition: “To become a leader in business”

First full-time job (age 23): Assistant manager of operations, Browning Tool and
Die, Inc. (family enterprise)

Subsequent employment: 3 years — Executive assistant to the president,
Browning Tool and Die

Responsibilities included: Purchasing (materials and


equipment), personnel, and distribution networks

4 years — Advertising manager, Lackheed
Manufacturing (home appliances)

3 years — Director of marketing and sales, Comerex,
Inc. (business machines)

Current employment (age 38): Executive vice president, SmithBond and Co. (digital

Typical daily activities: Review financial reports and
computer printouts, dictate memoranda, lunch with
clients, initiate conference calls, meet with assistants,
plan business trips, meet with associates

Transportation to and from work: Chauffeured
company limousine

Annual salary: $324,000

Ambition: “To become chief executive officer of the
firm, or one like it, within the next five to ten years”

Current residence: Eighteenth-floor condominium on Manhattan’s Upper
West Side, eleven rooms, including five spacious
bedrooms and terrace overlooking river

Interior: Professionally decorated and accented with
elegant furnishings, valuable antiques, and expensive

Note: Building management provides doorman and
elevator attendant; family employs au pair for children
and maid for other domestic chores

Second residence: Farm in northwestern Connecticut, used for weekend
retreats and for horse breeding (investment/hobby)

Note: To maintain the farm and cater to the family
when they are there, the Brownings employ a part-time
maid, groundskeeper, and horse breeder

Harold Browning was born into a world of nurses, maids, and


governesses. His world today is one of airplanes and

limousines, five-star restaurants, and luxurious living

accommodations. The life and lifestyle of Harold Browning is in

sharp contrast to that of Bob Farrell.

American Profile
Name: Bob Farrell

Father: Machinist

Mother: Retail clerk

Principal child-rearer: Mother and sitter

Primary education: A medium-size public school in Queens, New York,
characterized by large class size, outmoded physical
facilities, and an educational philosophy emphasizing
basic skills and student discipline

Ambition: “To become President”

Supplemental tutoring: None

Summer camp: YMCA day camp

Note: Emphasis on team sports, arts and crafts

Secondary education: Large regional high school in Queens

Note: Classmates included the sons and daughters of
carpenters, postal clerks, teachers, nurses,
shopkeepers, mechanics, bus drivers, police officers,

Supplemental education: SAT prep course offered by
national chain

After-school activities: Basketball and handball in
school park

Ambition: “To make it through college”

High-school graduation gift: $500 savings bond


Family activities: Family gatherings around television set, softball, an
occasional trip to the movie theater, summer Sundays
at the public beach

Higher education: A two-year community college with a technical

Major: Electrical technology

After-school activities: Employed as a part-time bagger
in local supermarket

Ambition: “To become an electrical engineer”

First full-time job (age 19): Service-station attendant

Note: Continued to take college classes in the evening

Subsequent employment: Mail clerk at large insurance firm; manager trainee,
large retail chain

Present employment (age 38): Assistant sales manager, building supply firm

Typical daily activities: Demonstrate products, write up
product orders, handle customer complaints, check

Transportation to and from work: City subway

Annual salary: $45,261

Additional income: $6,100 in commissions from evening
and weekend work as salesman in local men’s clothing

Ambition: “To open up my own business”

Current residence: The Farrells own their own home in a working-class
neighborhood in Queens, New York

Bob Farrell and Harold Browning live very differently: One is

very privileged, the other much less so. The differences are

class differences, which have a profound impact on the way


they live. They are differences between playing a game of

handball in the park and taking riding lessons at a private

stable; watching a movie on television and going to the theater;

and taking the subway to work and being driven in a limousine.

More important, the difference in class determines where they

live, who their friends are, how well they are educated, what

they do for a living, and what they come to expect from life.

Yet, as dissimilar as their lifestyles are, Harold Browning and

Bob Farrell have some things in common: they live in the same

city, they work long hours, and they are highly motivated. More

importantly, they are both white males.

Let’s look at someone else who works long and hard and is

highly motivated. This person, however, is black and female.

American Profile
Name: Cheryl Mitchell

Father: Janitor

Mother: Waitress

Principal child-rearer: Grandmother

Primary education: Large public school in Ocean Hill-Brownsville,
Brooklyn, New York

Note: Rote teaching of basic skills and emphasis on
conveying the importance of good attendance, good
manners, and good work habits; school patrolled by
security guards

Ambition: “To be a teacher”

Supplemental tutoring: None


Summer camp: None

Secondary education: Large public school in Ocean Hill-Brownsville

Note: Classmates included sons and daughters of
hairdressers, groundskeepers, painters, dressmakers,
dishwashers, domestics

Supplemental education: None

After-school activities: Domestic chores, part-time
employment as babysitter and housekeeper

Ambition: “To be a social worker”

High-school graduation gift: new dress

Family activities: Church-sponsored socials

Higher education: One semester of local community college

Note: Dropped out of school for financial reasons

First full-time job (age 17): Counter clerk, local bakery

Subsequent employment: File clerk with temporary-service agency, supermarket

Current employment (age 38): Nurse’s aide at a municipal hospital

Typical daily activities: Make up hospital beds, clean
out bedpans, weigh patients and assist them to the
bathroom, take temperature readings, pass out and
collect food trays, feed patients who need help, bathe
patients, and change dressings

Annual salary: $17,850

Ambition: “To get out of the ghetto”

Current residence: Three-room apartment in the South Bronx, needs
painting, has poor ventilation, is in a high-crime area

Note: Cheryl Mitchell lives with her four-year-old son
and her elderly mother


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