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Go to the following website to view Classroom Diversity: An Introduction to Student Differences Module:  URL: is a reflective exercise; so, you will put your thoughts and activities into a journal.

First, view the Challenge – Consideration – Student Diversity.
Then, go to Initial Thoughts and jot down your thoughts in your journal.
Now,  proceed to Perspectives and Resources, and go through it carefully. 
Move to Wrap it Up. In Wrap it Up, read the module and reflect on the Initial Thought Questions again.
Finally, move to the Assessment and answer all questions in your journal.

Now, follow the following guidelines to complete your assignment:

First, your submission must be in WORD using APA format.  Review the following site for information about APA:

Here are the sections that your document should contain:

Module Summary: Summarize the module in its entirety giving several examples of how it addresses student diversity.
Video Summary: Summarize the video (be sure to provide sufficient detail)
Reflections: Review your reflections in your journal carefully and restate them in your paper.

Remember to proofread carefully for spelling and typing errors) and be sure to follow APA guidelines.
Submit your paper to the dropbox within this folder.

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