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This week we are going to further our knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) on the discussion board. Your original posting this week will be to find an article demonstrating application of a particular type of customer relationship management or CRM (i.e., operational CRM, analytical CRM or any other type – research to find types of CRM) to an organization or business. This is actually a very interesting topic.
Summarize it for us, tell us what form of CRM you’re discussing, the organization, what they’re doing with the CRM and why, and provide the URL. Then review your peers’ postings and interact with them about their own articles. A minimum of 5 peer responses is needed to pass the assignment (assuming they are substantive  remember, passing is a C); more points are awarded for more interaction and on multiple days of the week..
– Respond with an original post per date listed in the syllabus.  Then:
– Respond to your peers both this week and all next.

 The best scores on the discussion board are reserved for those who respond frequently. Making all responses on one day WILL hurt your grade.  So will very brief responses. Try to get a “discussion” going.

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