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· Topic 3: The Writing Process
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· Your progress 
· Topic 3 Activities: 

· Review the lesson
· Review 
Additional Information on Purpose, Audience, and Style

· Read the selected Langan chapter.
· Review
 OWL Resources
 for Topic 3

· Review Research Paper Project materials, and choose your topic
· Take the “Writing to Your Audience” graded quiz.
Lesson 1: The Writing Process

Additional Information on Purpose, Audience, and StylePage

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· Research Paper Project
Research Paper Project – Instructions and DetailsPage

Step 1: Choosing your TopicPage

You will use a building-block approach in writing this assignment, meaning you will be able to complete it in a series of steps throughout the course. Step 1 involves choosing a topic. It’s a good idea to choose a topic you are interested in learning more about, but keep in mind that your topic should involve taking a stance on an issue. In other words, you’ll want to avoid topics that are strictly informative. 
Graded Quiz 3.1: Writing to Your Audience

◄Topic 2: Common Sentence-Level Errors: Spelling and Punctuation

Topic 4: Establishing and Supporting Your Thesis►

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· ENG101_MH_V6

Topic 3: The Writing Process

Research Paper Project – Instructions and Details
This is an overview of the Argumentative Research Paper Project and the relevant steps required for you to meet this course requirement. To view specific information for each step, navigate to the appropriate topic for each assignment.

Choosing your topic

Topic 3

Creating a thesis statement

Topic 4

Researching and taking notes

Topics 5 and 6

Developing an outline

Topic 7

Writing a first draft

Topic 8

Developing a Works Cited page

Topic 9

Revising and editing

Topics 10 and 11

Submitting the final draft of the research paper

Topic 12

Use the links below to jump to each step
You’ll also find these available in each topic as listed above.
Step 1: Choosing your topic 

Step 2: Creating a thesis statement.
 Keep in mind that this research essay must go beyond the purpose of merely informing; it must also take a stance on the topic you have chosen. This resource explains what a research paper is (and what it isn’t). 
Step 3: Research and Taking Notes 

Step 4: Outlining
Step 5: Works Cited Page 

Step 6: Revising and Editing 

Step 7: Final Draft of the Research Paper

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