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Please answer questions on a word document . Please make sure they are numbered .
1. Angela bought a frame for a photo of her friends. The width of the frame is 8 inches. If the distance around the frame is 36 inches, what is the length of the frame?

2. Mike marks off a rectangular section of grass to use as a playing field. He knows that one side needs to be 80 feet. If the field is 20 feet long, what is its perimeter? What is the area of the field?

3. Danny’s grandmother is making a quilt that is 7 squares wide. If she needs 35 squares total, how many squares long is the length?

4. Isabella is making a display board for the school elections. The display board is a 10 ft by 6 ft rectangle. She needs to add a ribbon border around the entire display board. What is the length of ribbon that she needs?

5. Kate’s bedroom is shaped like a rectangle with rectangular walls. She is putting a wallpaper boarder along the top of the two longer walls and one of the shorter walls. If the length of the room is 13 feet and the width is 9.8 feet, how many feet of the boarder does she need?

6. A company needs to decide which size of box to use to package its new cereal. Box one is 2.5 in by 12 in. by 7.5 in. Box Two is 1.5 in. by 11.5 in. by 8 in. Find the volume of each box. Then compare.

7. A movie theater serves popcorn in different container sizes. Box A is 3.5 in. by 3.5 in. by 5 ins. Box B is 4 ins by 4.5 ins. By 4 ins. Which container holds more popcorn? Find the volume and compare.

29 30

27 28

True or false? True or false?

True or false? True or false?

An equilateral triangle
always has 3 acute


A scalene triangle can
also be an isosceles


A trapezoid is a

All quadrilaterals are

33 34

31 32

True or false? True or false?

True or false? True or false?

A rectangle is a square. An equilateral triangle
can never have a right


Every rhombus has two
sets of parallel sides.

All quadrilaterals with 4
right angles are squares

and rhombi.

37 38

35 36
Use the hierarchy to answer the question. Use the hierarchy to answer the question.

Use the hierarchy to answer the question. Use the hierarchy to answer the question.

Can a square also be categorized as a
parallelogram? Why or why not.

Sophia used a protractor and measured the
angles of her triangle. She found that one
angle was 90°. Could this triangle be
equilateral? Why or why not.

Trevor recorded the sides of his triangle as: 3m, 5m
and 5m. He looked at the hierarchy above and said the
triangle could be categorized as acute, right, or obtuse.
Is he correct? Justify your reasoning.

If Zoe colors in a quadrilateral with only one
pair of parallel sides, what is the name of
her polygon?

49 50

47 48Kirah is playing a guessing game with
her classmate. The clues that she

gives are as follows:

• My polygon is a quadrilateral.
• My polygon has opposite sides

that are parallel.
• My polygon has four right angles.
• Who am I?

Diego tells his classmate, Tanya that
a rhombus and a square are the

same shape, just different names.
Tanya disagrees with him. Who is
correct? Explain your reasoning.

Melissa classifies a triangle during
her math center as an isosceles

scalene triangle. Explain to her why
that is impossible.

Korena is giving clues to her partner
so they can guess her shape. The

clues she gives are below:

• My polygon has less than 4 sides.
• My polygon has two angles less

than 90°
• My polygon has the other angle

measuring 121°.
• Who am I?

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