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Assignment 1 (Part 1)


1. This assignment covers part one of the Practical assignment. Second part will be delivered later.
2. Use a C++ compiler to do your assignment.
3. Submit your solution as a C++ (Source file) ONLY.
4. Submission is through Blackboard ONLY. Submissions through e-mail will not be considered or counted.
No extensions to deadline will be given.
6. You will have one attempt only to make a submission. So make sure you check your work before you submit it.
7. Make sure you submit your solution well before deadline. Submission problems may happen near the submission deadline.

Submission deadline:






11:59 at Midnight

Assignment question – 6 marks:

Write a C++ program that allows you to enter details of items you bought from the supermarket as shown below;

Then, the program will display the data as shown below. Use the correct functions, operations or tools provided by C++. Display “Grand total” with 2 decimal point only.

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