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Supply Chain Management
Adam Newell

A) Logistics In Dealing With Disasters

The title of this research paper is Logistics In Dealing With Disasters. In giving upon he introduction, a natural disaster is known as the disasters which can result from the natural processes, thus creating the adverse effects. At the same time, logistics are derived in being the processes which are involved with the transferring of the goods which are from the producer towards the consumer hence being the important part towards understanding on how the concept of the logistics could be used towards solving the logistical nightmare of natural disasters in the United States of America. (Afshar, 2012).


This research paper will give out an explanation of the devastating effects that are brought upon by any natural disaster. Then it will give upon the main explanation to the problem-solving of the supply chain management or solving any of the problems which can be at the occurrence of the disaster. There will be the use of concept logistics, which could be used in the solving of problems happening because of natural disasters. There will also be the logistics’ main concepts with how they would be utilized to solve the adverse effects of natural disasters. There will also be a greater need to address the use of the decentralization of the authority concept in solving a natural disaster.

B) Background Information

People can be overwhelmed with the situation that could lead from the lack of humanitarian relief such as supplies to build business back up, or towards houses. When there is an incident of a disaster the government and the stakeholder that might be needed in the offering of help sometimes does not come right away. The natural disaster may just be too big and the dependence of the humanitarian logistics for help will be too small. For instance, the disaster gets the people off guard. Then there could be higher effects that could be experienced as there could be a fail towards the owners of businesses knowing their loses towards the extreme destruction at the natural disaster site that could lead upon towards more death and losses in the communities which stays at the disaster-prone environment, there can be a greater need for the good and a robust system that should be laid down as the strategies with the humanitarian logic in getting to be ensured to how the adverse effects by means of the disaster do not occur. Different stakeholders that come into an involvement with the humanitarian logistics should be remembering of their main responsibilities during the process of rescue with the supplying of the relief supplies towards the areas that are affected (Nikbakhsh, 2011).
One of the main disasters was Hurricane Katrina that made very great damages and losses, which the residents of Mississippi could never have gone back to their own life that they had been before. The disaster brought along several hundred deaths and damages that shows how bad a disaster would set back to the society. This hurricane disaster showed how badly there should be the need on the disaster logistics in the helping out of the people towards getting back their own normal life when the disaster has been experienced (Salam, 2020).
To solve such disasters, there is a big scope of need whereby there should be the response to some of the questions like, how we could make sure that electricity is restored whenever there is a blackout, how there should be insurance that first aid gets to the hurt people at the day of the hurricane depending on the severity, ways on how they could use technology of drones in solving the property damage and loss that has been experienced by the families. There is the need for skills and knowledge that are supposed to be applied at the supply chain since, after the hurricane, a lot of people rush to the shops to get food supplies that are left a lot of shelves that are practically empty. There is a need for the companies that have the involvement of the chain supply in showing up to build the communities back up. It is also important to have a need towards the decentralization of the authority whenever a disaster strikes; decentralizing authority normally works in ensuring that the help that is needed is extremely near to the people that need it hence helping the people to give out a good response while saving any of the situations in case of a disaster strike (Waugh, 2015). 


A great civil right to each of the organizations of supplying the logistical support could help in the managing of the disaster because each association, company, government, and non-profit organization has their own important responsibility in case there is a disaster that with the United States of America and its territories. Whether the organization is non-governmental or governmental, they are supposed to give help towards the citizens for relief to keep the country afloat. (Sahay, 2016).


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