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DSM V Presentation PowerPoint

Please pick a template from the following: A. Organic; B. Parcel; C. Facet; or D. Frame.
The reason you are picking from a set template is to model the cultural behavior in agencies. There are set forms, set templates, and expected behaviors. Do not ask to use a different template.
Directions: The purpose of the PowerPoint is for you as the Social Work Team to present a DSM V diagnosis.   A voice-over on the PowerPoint is REQUIRED. There is a minimum set of 10 slides.  
Title Slide: DSM Diagnosis ___; Your name_______; Course SWK 6691. 
Clients Name, a brief background of the client, and identifying information.
Background information: Please provide a historical synopsis of the disorder. 
Review of Symptoms to include diagnosis and a rule-out diagnosis. Please list co-morbid personality disorders, medical conditions, and other focuses of treatment (again – these are Z codes). 
Recommendations for treatment to include Tx Plan (immediate, short term, long term). 
Reference page. 
Please choose one of the following clients: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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