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Problem set

1. What is the value of surface tension of a small drop of water 0.3mm in diameter which is in contact with
air if the pressure within the droplet is 561Pa?

2. A Hg barometer at the base of Mt. Pek reads 600mm and at the same time another barometer at the top
reads 450mm. What is the approximate height of Mt. Pek?

3. A building in Panpacific University is 30m high above the street level. The required static pressure of
water line at the top of the building is 20kg per square meter. What must be the pressure in kPa in the

main water line located 4m below the street level?

4. The viscosity of water at 20˚C is 1.008 centipoise. Compute for the following:
a. Absolute viscosity in Pa-s
b. Kinematic viscosity in m²/s and stokes

5. Estimate the height to which water at 70˚F will rise in a tube of diameter 0.120in. Surface tension is
0.00497lb/ft. Express your answer in inches.

6. In the figure shown what is the static pressure in kPa in the air chamber?


Oil 4m

2m sg=0.80



7. For the manometer shown, determine the difference in pressure between A and B

Oil, sg=0.85




A Water

8. Air is kept at a pressure of 200kPa absolute and at a temperature of 30˚C in a 500-liter container. What is
the mass of the air?

9. A liquid compressed in a container has a volume of 2liter at a pressure of 1MPa and a volume of 1 liter at
a pressure of 2MPa. What is the bulk modulus of elasticity of the liquid?

10. Determine the pressure difference between pipes A and B.


A 1.50m



0.50m 1.30m


11. A vertical rectangular gate 2m wide and 4m high is submerged in water with its top edge
2m below the water surface. Find the total pressure acting on one side of the gate and its

location from the bottom.

12. A vertical triangular surface of height 3m and horizontal base width of 1.5 m is submerged
in a liquid with its vertex at the liquid surface. Determine the total force F acting on one

side and its location from the liquid surface.

13. A 20m long Dam retains 8m of water. Find the total resultant force acting on the dam and
the location of the center of pressure from the bottom.

14. A dam is triangular in cross section with the upstream face vertical. Water is flushed with

the top. The dam is 8m high and 6m wide at the base. The coefficient of friction between the

base and foundation is 0.8. Determine the factors of safety against a) overturning ; b)


15. The section of a concrete gravity dam shown in the figure. The depth of water at the
upstream side is 6m. Neglect hydrostatic uplift and use unit weight of concrete equal to

23.5 kN/m³. Coefficient of friction between the base of the dam and the foundation is 0.60.

Determine the following; a) factor of safety against sliding; b) the factor of safety against

overturning; c) the overturning moment acting against the dam in kN-m.

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