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Hello is there anyone that can help me with my essay.  I will have the instructions in the upload with what needs to be done.

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D2L Assignment Paper General Instructions: You will watch the posted video and write a 350 word (about 1 page) response to the paper in MLA style. Use multiple paragraph form. The essay should answer the questions posted below. You are expected to have read the relevant Text book chapters, in addition to viewing the videos, to help you answer the questions. Word file types such as .rtf .doc and .docx are acceptable. D2L will not open file types that are exclusive to phone and tablets. Make sure you convert your file to one of the file types listed here. Also, give your essay a file name (like Psych1.doc ) so that you do not mix it up with work from other classes. You will get no credit for submitting the wrong file. The Assignments are Linked to which checks for originality/ plagiarism. A match of 50% or higher, which is an indicator of plagiarism, will result in a zero for the assignment, if you do not re-write and resubmit before the deadline. You may choose any of the papers but only 4 are required. They must be grammatically correct, meet the length requirement, and answers all of the questions posted in specific detail. The best 4 papers will count toward your grade. LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTED.


Click Understanding The Brain

Understanding the brain is a video that describes the parts and function of the brain. Please view the video. Then answer the following questions:
(1) What are three basic brain structures that humans share with sharks? What are their functions?
(2) What is the part called that comprises 80% of the human brain? Name three functions of this part.
(3) Name the four lobes and their functions. Make sure you use paragraphs and meet the 350 word minimum!

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