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Develop an annotated bibliography for ten (10) sources (These cannot be annotated articles or books currently listed in the textbook).

Of the ten sources, 7 must be journal articles, others may be other sources (Review resources page for help identifying academic journals).
Sources should be no older than 8 years
Include a cover page with the title “Annotated Bibliography” and student’s name (in lower right).
Each annotation paragraph must be at least 100 words but no more than 250 words.
The reflection paragraph for each annotation must be at least 100 words but no more than 250.
Include the full citation of the article, as well as a summary of the article and a reflection for each annotation (see definitions of those below).
References MUST be written in the APA 7th edition style.
Please submit your Annotated Bibliography Assignment via the Moodle Assignments Tool. 
The topic you select may be such that the literature has a large percentage of one paradigm represented versus the other (quantitative vs. qualitative).  Make sure you have a representation of both quantitative and qualitative articles (I realize that depending on your topic there may be only a few in one paradigm, but I do not want all in one research paradigm).     
Please save pdfs of your selected articles because we may request them if we have any questions.

Things to consider when selecting your articles:

Is the article from a peer-reviewed journal (as opposed to a non-peer reviewed academic publication or a practitioner publication)?
Is it a research article (as opposed to a literature review, book review, editorial, etc.)?
How will the article expand my knowledge about key issues related to my research area of interest?
Does the reference list provide a range of sources including peer-reviewed journal articles that I will be able to consult when I work on my capstone project, research requirement, or thesis?

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