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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on civil engineering project module. Traffic management system during and after the development of the site, which included the minimization of existing traffic flow around the site and how to control motorized and motorized traffic flow around the completed development. Other issues examined included Public transport, pedestrian access, and their relationship to each other and car parking, cycling, delivery vehicles and their relationship to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.The project entailed the designing and analysis of layout at the clay pit lane site and came up with a development proposal that is safe, healthy, and sustainable. The work included the design and analysis of road layout, traffic management, location, and buildings, pay and display parking, secure cycle storage, location of bus stops, and ground surface drainage. The road layout was for a primary spine road coming in the clay pit lane. The pay and display area was for fifty cars, the secure storage units for twelve bicycles, and the location of bus stops and shelters. The layout development also ensured that the site drains into the existing sewer line running along the southern boundary. The buildings on the site plan were a two-story office building of cavity wall construction, portal frame industrial units, and a steel-framed two stored retail blocks. The most important aspect of the analysis was to ensure that the final development is safe, healthy, and sustainable.The plan includes the general site outlook and how the different structures, services, and social amities are incorporated into the final development. The issues examined include how the shape, location, and size of the spine road affect the site layout.The shape and type, location, and size of the spine road will have in the eventual site layout.&nbsp.The kind of development will dictate the type and form of the spine road design required. This is because the kind of vehicle that will use the road plays the most important part in the design formation, and the site development will influence the type of vehicles used.

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