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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic social psychological theories: the incredible. As the story unfolds, the audience is made to understand that the family members lived an ordinary life and held some social responsibilities in their community. The film also reveals another super-entity. “the powerful Omnidroid”, which used its superpowers to frustrated their enemies. The film reveals consistent conflicts between the two superfamilies. However, due to excellent cooperation and teamwork, Bob Parr’s family remained powerful and dominant in society. The “the Incredibles” reveals the presence of various social psychological principles and theories in contemporary society.The “supers” in the movie were highly respected in society and were presumed to be&nbsp.society’s heroes. “The supers”, especially Bob Parr’s family were regarded to be society’s ultimate saviors. Due to their superior status, “the supers” in the film engaged in severe destruction, forcing the government to institute a program to force them to adopt a civilian lifestyle. This program forced Bob to work in a white-collar job in an insurance company. However, despite the existence of a program to regulate the operations of the “supers”, Bob held a strong attitude and belief in his ability. As a result, Bob lost his job after using his super strength against his boss. Bob’s behavior can exhaustively be expounded by cognitive balance aspects as explained in the cognitive dissonance principle of social psychology.Cognitive dissonance is used to describe individuals with more than one conflicting cognitions. Cognitive dissonance refers to the examination of the level of an individual’s relationship with cognitions. Human beings are however presumed to have motivational drives that play an incredibly decisive role in reducing dissonance by minimizing the prevailing conflict of interest (Baumeister & Bushman, 2012). Cognitive dissonance can as well be described as a distressing mental status which makes human beings engage in activities that do not coincide with their beliefs and knowledge. Human beings ensure that their expectations are in line with reality through the development of a consistent equilibrium between the perception and their actions. To facilitate long term balance between reality and their beliefs, human beings are advised to engage in dissonance, reduction process by altering one of their dissonant facets, by increasing consonant elements, or by reducing the significance of one of the discordant factors.

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