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(a) What does “Prima Facie Duty” mean? (b) How does Ross use promises to expand on G.E. Moore’s consequentialism? (c) What are Special and General Obligations?

Please write 250 words and do not plagiarize. This one might be a little harder, and there are no good YouTube videos. I’ll make one eventually!

Ross has 6 duties: 1) Fidelity & Reparation, 2) Gratitude, 3) Justice, 4) Beneficence, 5) Self-Improvement, and 6) Non-Malefience. Beneficence is helping others, and is therefore a duty to create consequences. Non-Maleficence is *VERY* similar. Ross thinks there is a duty to help strangers and a separate duty not to hurt strangers.

So, that’ll be what we discuss. Are these duties separate, or are they really the same duty? We can use a thought experiment for this too. If you have to hurt some people to help some others, does the hurt count more than the help?

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