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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Public Relation is the New Propaganda. PR campaigns relate to propaganda in that large corporations influence media to create their public image through advertisements as well as regulating the information released by the mass media to the public as news. PR and propaganda undermine democracy since governments and large firms ensure that false or exaggerated information is released by the mass media as news. Mass media is used as a means of creating a good impression about these corporations and governments to their audiences using the manipulated information. By so doing, the media and the corporations end up being used as means of providing the public with false information, essentially bringing about a situation where the public comes to be deprived of the necessary information to develop correct opinions.In addition, this paper will assess how the mass media works to facilitate particular causes by hiding particular information from the public. Therefore, this research paper will attempt to show how the democratic or undemocratic nature of PR campaigns. In this paper, I am going to evaluate whether the Public Relations industry undermines or supports democratic governance: What is the effect of PR campaigns on public opinion?.. Governments and large corporations control what media houses release to the public as information (Doorley and Garcia, 2011). This is known as PR since the governments want to shield the public from knowing their bad side, and at the same time propaganda since it is a technique of manipulating the public. Public Relations can be considered to be powerful and effective campaign tool in democratic institutions not only in Canada but also in the globalized world. This research will form a basis of understanding how PR and propaganda campaigns relate and the impact of this relationship on the institutions of democracy.I will show how communication and PR influence the development of the public image and the reputations of businesses within the operational environment.&nbsp.The research is also intended to expose the fact that large corporations and governments have the potential of using the mass media to spread propaganda and manipulate public perceptions in the name of Public Relations.

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