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Listening the video and complete the answer:

1. Humans produce a lot of chemicals, and these chemicals via the sewers to the ocean. The question is how to reduce those chemicals into the water? Give the answer according to the speaker that he mentions about the solutions of Seattle.

2. How does the 2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference report reveal the impact of human daily activities on marine life?

3. If salmon in the river died due to chemicals, would it be a problem for humans to eat it?

4. How is the author’s attitude point source? What do you think of the point source pollution? Should we focus on point source pollution or non-point source pollution?

5. How do people leave distinctive chemical fingerprints on water and impact people’s health?

6. How much are the regulatory capabilities affecting the U.S.?

7. It is very difficult to reduce chemicals now. But what are some good ways to reduce chemicals?

8. How does the author explain the harm of chemical products to humans and the environment? For example?

9. The author mentions that the aggregation of pollution from chemicals such as pesticides can cause huge problems. Please give some examples and give suitable alternatives.

10. The author mentioned that it is best not to combine chemical products with water, such as hand soap and car wash liquid. So during the pandemic, how should hand sanitizer be discharged?

11. There are approximately 85,000 kinds of chemicals in the United States. If humans lack chemical products, what should be used for cleaning products? How to treat sickness and headache without medicine?

12. Briefly summarize (one sentence) the global chemical production trajectory as stated by the speaker for the next several decades.
13. How is DDT an example of unintended consequences?

14. How is the I=P.A.T. formula useful for Environmental Engineers?

15. What is the speaker’s attitude toward the U.S. paradigm of chemical screening? Support your answer with two specific examples.

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