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Individual task.


· For the document: Word count 1500-2000 words
· Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.
· Font: Arial 11 pts.
· Text alignment: Justified.
· The in-text References and the Bibliography has to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Submissions will be by Sunday 21st February


Based on the information below, address the situation this sales manager is facing in a single essay-style answer, identifying key issues which need to be addressed (and why), solutions and the priorities for implementation
You are the Sales Manager for a medium-sized organization which has been successful in growing quite rapidly over recent years.
The company sells management software, hardware and solutions to small/medium-sized businesses in the national geography. Whilst the company has been successful in growing its business customer base, the rapid growth has left the company struggling with its organization – especially their sales department.
Most of the company’s direct communication with all accounts is done using limited technology, mostly e-mail with smaller sales generated through social media, specifically Facebook, thus using a multi-channel approach.
The company currently has about 1000 small-medium business clients.
However, demand is not equal: about 30% of clients account for around 60% of total sales revenue. The remaining 70% of your clients represent the remaining 40% of total sales revenue.
The company currently operates on a national level with 3 telesales operators and 1 social media manager. The company employs a consultant (a technician) who specializes in personalizing the software for larger clients.
You feel that neither your sales force organization nor customer approach is adequate to the company’s current reality but are unsure what to change and how to prioritize the changes.
In your essay, address (but do not limit yourself to) the following areas:
· How could the company’s current approach to managing client relationships be improved to contribute more effectively to the organizational and sales strategy?
· How could the channel approach (IMC) be improved?
· What could be improved in the sales organization?

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