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1. You would be using a dependant t-test when you are comparing a simple sample to themselves. In this type of test, we don’t know the population variance. This type of test would have 2 different scores, a before score and an after score. The experiment calls for us to investigate race differences with their relations in society. We would be testing what types of race differences they are with their relations in society. So for example, I would calculate a sample of all of the different races. I would then proceed to categorize the races with their respective job occupations. I would then be testing if certain job occupations showed any difference when it came to terms of job occupation. I could not use an independent test because I am not comparing 2 separate samples of 2 separate populations to each other. The races would vary and most likely succeed past 2 groups. 

2. The experiment I created is to test individuals in a class about their racial attitudes. The test will provide a score that is a measure of the openness of the student toward racial harmony. 
The test will be given to each student before they take a course on racial issues. Then the same test will be given to students after the course. The difference in scores will be analyzed using a dependent t-test. 
The reason to use a dependent t-test is to measure the difference in attitude of each student before the course and after the course. If the purpose of the experiment were to test whether the entire has significantly different attitudes, then an independent t-test would be used and the class would be tested in two different groups. 

3. In this experiment, I would look at two different racial groups. I would want to see which racial group has a greater chance of being hired after employers review their resume, and after the interviews are conducted. The employer would have to interview all applicants, but take note of which candiates they are leaning more towards hiring based on the resumes they received. Resumes would also include a professional photo of the applicants. After the interviews are conducted, the employer would take note again of which candidates they wish to hire. This experiment would allow us to see if race plays a significant role in the hiring process. In addition, we could see if the opinions of employers change from befoore the interview is conducted to after the interview is conducted.

4. The experiment would be tested by an experimental design, in which participants can be tested for a race difference. I would take 2 samples of people from different ethnicities. I picked up 2 groups of 5 families from New Jersey. Sample A consists of Latino families with children born in the USA. sample B consists of native American families with children born in the USA.  the concept of the research would be the evaluation of the children’s education from Latino families versus the children’s education from American families. in this scenario the dependent t-test is used to evaluate the differences between the 2 groups, this evaluation is analytical, and we do not use an independent t-test because it is statistical. 

5. I would be using a dependent t-test instead of an independent one because we need to compare a single sample to themselves. We would not be comparing two samples from two different populations together so an independent t-test is not needed in a scenario like this. Within my experiment I would be testing how likely it is for black women to be mistreated within hospitals depending on whether they go to a doctor of color compared to if they go to a white doctor. I would first test everyone to see how they expected to be treated on a scaled of one to ten, ten being the best. Then I would test a group of black women who would go into a hospital with a black doctor, complaining of pain and asking for medication and see how many people are mistreated or turned away. No matter how much they may complain of the pain they are in. Then I would do the same for black women when they go to a white doctor and see what those doctors would do within the same situation. After all of this I would test them again on the same scale but based off of how they were actually treated. This testing would help bring to light for a lot of people how many times black women are mistreated within the medical industry. Lots of people do not even know that black people, in general are constantly turned away in ER’s and hospitals because of the prejudice that they deal with when dealing with racially bias doctors. It is a lot more common than people think. 

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