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The goal for this assignment is to develop a Social Media Marketing Plan for a product (good/service).
Submission Instructions:

The paper is to be clear and concise, and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
The paper is to be a minimum of 2,600 words in length (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font), excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages.
Include minimum of 8 references, cited in-text.
The student will automatically lose points if these guidelines are not followed.
Complete and submit the assignment by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday.
Late work policies, expectations regarding proper citations, acceptable means of responding to peer feedback, and other expectations are at the discretion of the instructor.
Based on the course readings and knowledge gained from this course, students are to create a Code of Ethics that includes the following:

Write an executive summary (50 words minimum and 100 words maximum).
Identify your target market and the product (good/service) that you would like to market.
Analyze the environment (economic, social, technological, legal, political).
Analyze the competition.
Choose the social media platform(s) that will be used.
Develop content for the social media platforms.
Schedule implementation of plans.
Decide on metrics to measure success.
Provide any relevant appendices.

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