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2/ Write an intro paragraph with a proper topic sentence, which will say what you think is the real thesis or point of “Us and Them” by David. The second sentence is your thesis, which must assert what you think of this Saderis author’s point. Following the thesis, you must provide in your intro the three supporting details that support your thesis. Your body paragraphs, with proper topic sentences, must expand on the three supporting details—three fully developed body paragraphs, each focusing on one of your supporting details. Write using essay form—topic, thesis, and summary of support, one body paragraphs for each supporting detail, and those proper topic sentences for each body paragraph. A developed body paragraph has at least three in-line quotes with parenthetical citations and at least one block quote with a parenthetical citation, as well as footnotes if you choose to use footnotes

College Essay Form

Use this outline as a checklist for your writing of both short and long papers! They must conform to the outline

College Essay Form (REQUIRED for all assigned papers).


I. Introductory Paragraph

Topic Sentence (first sentence)
Thesis Sentence (second sentence)
Summary of Support (third sentence–essay map)
-no quotes, no rhetorical questions, no statistics, no footnotes, no plot summary
-at least three supporting details in the essay map
-ONLY THREE SENTENCES, for a proper intro
II. Body Paragraphs (‘expansion’/’development’ paragraphs)

-two body paragraphs for each supporting detail (6 body paragraphs total)
-topic sentence taken from essay map
-the topic sentence controls everything in the paragraph (expansion)
-expand on your essay map’s supporting details one in each paragraph
-all quotes, statistics, footnotes, citations, rhetorical questions, etc. (development)
– all examples, sub-topics, etc. (expansion)
– paragraph development in the form of in-line quotes, block quotes, presentation and explanation
-comparisons, contrasts, definition, process (this is both expansion and development)
III. Concluding Paragraph

1. Restate your thesis (first sentence)
2. Summarize your entire argument (second sentence)
– ONLY TWO SENTENCES should be used in a concluding paragraph

Lecture 4 – Film and Critical Thinking and The Discourse of Film

“Citizen Kane” (1941, Orson Welles, Dir; RKO Studios) is widely considered to be the greatest American film, if not rhe greatest film of all film history. Both American and European, Latin American, Canadian, and Japanese filmmakers all hail “Citizen Kane” by writer and director Orson Welles, as a great American film that sets standards for cinematography, writing, direction, sound design, acting, and editing, that are still largely unbroken and largely unsurpassed–at the very least, this film sets the marks that filmmakers must aim at and seek to equal in order to be considered serious artists and technicians.

Watch Video

Citizen Kane – How to Run a Newspaper Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

Duration: 3:00
User: n/a – Added: 1/27/17

Watch Video

Citizen Kane: Crash Course Film Criticism #1

Duration: 10:40
User: n/a – Added: 1/11/18

Likewise, “The Matrix” (1999; Wachowski – bros, Direction, Warner Bros–Village Roadshow) is a more recent (contemp[orary) film that is considered one of the best American films of the past 75 years in toto (meaning when direction, writing, editing, cinematography, acting, sound design, etc. are all taken into account as a whole).

Watch Video

Blue Pill or Red Pill – The Matrix (2/9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD

Duration: 2:41
User: n/a – Added: 5/26/11

Watch Video

The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

Duration: 26:25
User: n/a – Added: 8/31/19

Watch Video

The Matrix Escaping from Work Scene HD

Duration: 4:06
User: n/a – Added: 7/5/12
  Both these films do two incredible things:

1. LANGUAGE (and thus diuscourse) are far more important that any othe element, although both films slyly use both sound design and action & interest to keep audience attention.
2. IDENTITY (as opposed to conformism) are the major themes of these two films in very different ways, but nevertheless focusing primarily on the two prortagonoists’ struggles to be free, to know what it true, and to reject what they have been told they should and rebel against who they feel and what they feel is controlling them.

Read Lecture 4. Look at all the videos. Write a paper that describes how one of the characters (Neo or Charles, or both) is or are seeking to escape from conformity or/and seeking to establish their own identity. Write in essay form and offer three examples from the films as supporting details. 3 pages

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