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ACCT 370

Discussion Board Forum 2 Instructions


Students must consider certain factors that will influence the company’s future success. Such factors include the company’s past history, the company’s plans for future growth, customer demand, governmental regulation, taxation, economic factors, and more.

Prepare a 350 word Discussion Board post that summarizes the factors that are expected to impact the company’s financial position in the next three years. The factors identified should be supported by citations from reputable sources. Avoid making opinionated statements. Instead, utilize research to make informed conclusions regarding the company’s future.

Make sure that in your discussion, you support your statements with sources (as stated in the instruction). For example, if you say that economic factors are important, explain what economic factors are you referring and cite sources to support that factor. Otherwise, it would be an opinion. 

It should be in APA format related to headings, citations, and reference list. Your post should be supported by at least four references, taken from reputable sources such as professional, scholarly, or trade publications, or the textbook.

Therefore the textbook has to be one of your 4 sources.
The other three have to be reputable sources. Another reminder that Investopedia, Wikipedia are not acceptable sources.

The correct references for our textbook is: (please use this when you cite the textbook)
Revsine, L., Collins, D. W., Johnson, W. B., Mittenstaedt, H.F., & Soffer, L. C. (2021). Financial reporting and analysis (8th eds). McGraw-Hill. 

In the in-text citation of your discussion post, you would cite it as Revsine, et al. (2021). 
For example:
According to Revsine, et al. (2021), financial statements help investors to make informed decisions. 

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