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agricultural video assignment

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Unbroken Ground Questions

1. Why would a perennial wheat be important for both feeding people and maintaining soil health? (1pt)
2. What is the benefit of grass-fed meat vs feedlot meat? Why is this even better with bison then with cows? (1pt)
3. What benefits do soil provide, both in terms of combating climate change and sustaining agriculture? (1pt)
4. Why is it healthier for the farmer, soil, and community to have polyculture or multiple types of crops? (1 pt)

Climate change is becoming a problem you can taste questions

5. How can our food systems be upgraded to adapt to a changing world? What would the benefit of this be? (2 pts)
6. Make sure these are in your own words, and that you do not quote from the video. Feel free to do a little research. Please give 3 specific examples of (3pts)
a. Artificial intelligence and robotics
b. Aeroponic/vertical urban farms
c. Alternative meats

Soils Tell Stories

7. What are two ‘services’ that soil provides for us? (2pts, be detailed)
8. She describes the soil as a ‘parfait’. What is the characteristics of the top layer (be detailed) and why does it matter 9ie improve soil health)? (2pts)
9. What is the problem with tillage? What would be a better practice than tilling? (2pts)

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