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Marketing Plan

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Charles Town Patriots

Marketing Plan

Randy Ozbirn
Dr. Lisa Miller
SPMT609 D001 Fall 2020
January 3, 2021

Target Market

Marketing for minor league baseball is a complex process as there
are various targets to consider (Williams, 2015)
There are primary targets who are the specific groups being
targeted to the stadiums
There are secondary targets who are not as likely to attend any
baseball games

The target market is a group of customers who are within the serviceable area of the business. Marketing for the minor league baseball is a complex process because of the targets being considered (Williams, 2015).
There are primary targets and secondary targets.

Target Market

Various groups to choose from in and around the Charles Town, WV
Families in and around the Charles Town, WV area
Businesses in and around the Charles Town, WV area, which will also
serve as sponsors

There are various groups to pick from when considering the target market. These groups include families, business and other groups

Target Market
Target markets are broken down into primary and secondary target markets

This allows concentrated marketing efforts in key areas

Applies in Charles Town where there are residents and visitors to the area

Residents are the primary supporters and visitors are secondary

Target markets can be broken down into smaller market segments to effectively concentrate the marketing efforts on the key segments.
In Charles Town, this can apply through breaking down the target market into primary segment and secondary segments.
The primary targets will be the residents and local business while the secondary targets are visitors to Charles Town.

Primary Targets

Residents of Charles Town and
surrounding areas
Families who are most interested in
Individual residents who have an
interest in baseball
Businesses in Charles Town and
surrounding areas

The primary targets are the most targeted for the stadiums. They include the families that are most interested in baseball and the other residents of Charles Town WV area that are interested in baseball.

Secondary Targets

Secondary targets include:

Visitors to Charles Town and the
surrounding area

Businesses from outside the
Charles Town area

Media (Radio, Television. etc.)

Secondary targets include tourists or visitors to the Charles Town, WV area.
Business that are not from Charles Town, WV area.


The 5P’s of Marketing

Product being sold

Price of the product

Place of distribution for the product

Promoting informing to the consumer about the product

Positioning of the product in relation to competing products

The 5 P’s of marketing are;

The product is the service of a professional minor league baseball team
where the athletes are able to entertain fans with a baseball game

The teams compete and the players prepare themselves to possibly be promoted to a
major league baseball team

Baseball games act as a medium where the customers is spending leisure time
experiencing something

The young players are given an opportunity to showcase skills sets while
gaining experience

The product is a service where the professional minor league baseball athletes are able to entertain the fans with a game of baseball. The youth are given an opportunity to showcase their talent while gaining experience. The customers are able to enjoy their leisure while experiencing something.

The aim of price is to ensure the business is able to cater for its costs and make a profit

A dynamic pricing strategy is used in the sports world, by all sports, in an attempt at maintaining an optimum price at any given time

In a dynamic pricing strategy, ticket prices fluctuate from day to day based on various factors including team performance and weather (Drayer et al., (2012)

The pricing strategy that will be used is the dynamic pricing strategy. In dynamic pricing strategy ticket prices fluctuate from day to day based on various factors team performance and the weather (Drayer et al., (2012).


Minor league baseball can be consumed at the stadium by the fans watching the game

Minor League Baseball can also be consumed from various electronic devices such as television, radio, or cellular-mobile device

The sports facility may be used as an outlet for social interaction, hence a need for applying various service marketing techniques to maximize the consumer’s enjoyment (Westerbeek and David, 1999)

Place is considered the most important among all the P’s when dealing with sports services. Place can be the stadium where the sport is consumed or it can be through electronic devices like television and mobile devices. The sport facility can be used as an outlet for social interaction and hence applying various service marketing techniques to maximize the consumer enjoyment (Westerbeek and David, 1999).


Promotion can be used though merchandising, online advertisements and media coverage

Uses of billboards can be effective when the game is being played at home

Other forms of promotion can be through radio, which is effective for
a smaller town, newspaper or other print media

Promotion will be through merchandizing, online advertisements and media coverage. Radio is an effective medium especially for small towns and can be boosted by print media. The use of billboards can be during home matches.

The team will position itself as being a professional and disciplined
team in minor league baseball

The team’s positioning will be reflected in games as well as in the fan’s
enjoyment of the entertainment. The fans will be able to view a
professional and disciplined minor league baseball team in which the
fans will want to be associated with

The team will also be associated with the Charles Town, WV and
surrounding area. This association will be reflected in the team logo

The positioning will show a professional and disciplined team in the minor league. This will be seen in the matches where the team will be both professional and disciplined.
The team will also be associated with Charles Town, WV area. This will be reflected in the logo of the team.


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