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The three parts of the overall marketing plan that will be completed this week are Market Research, Demographics, and Competing Forms of Entertainment. Please thoroughly addresses the following components.

Please provide as much market research and demographic/psychographic information as possible on the Charles Town, WV area. Possible items for inclusion could be:
· Age breakdown of area residents
· Population data
· The marital status of area residents
· Educational information on area residents (e.g. high school graduates, college graduates, etc.)
· Religion breakdown of area residents
· Geographic location (e.g. city population versus suburbs)
· Gender breakdown
· Racial composition
· Political views
· Unemployment rate
· Languages spoken
· Income data
· Average disposable income
· Interest in sports
· Competing forms of entertainment are also important to consider. This will vary from city to city and regionally, but could include:
· Local college, high school, or professional sports teams
· Events brought in by the local Chamber of Commerce to stimulate economic development
· Theaters, concerts, etc.
· City, county or state fairs

Please create a PowerPoint presentation covering the areas listed above for presentation to the City Council of Charles Town, WV. Remember, the PowerPoint must be in bullet format and must include a notes section. The notes section should be a summary of the bullet points in your presentation, such that if you were unable to make the presentation, someone else could make the presentation for you by reading what you’ve written in the notes section.

Remember, you will be handing this to the president and board of trustees for review. Be sure to carefully proof your work. Please include a title slide that includes your name and the assignment topic, as well as a reference slide at the end of your PowerPoint presentation which includes a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources. However, since your goal is to have a minimum of ten (10) overall sources for your final marketing plan, sources utilized for this week should be different than those in the Week 2 and Week 3 assignments. Don’t forget that every source should be correctly cited throughout your presentation on the appropriate slide.

Length of this section of your marketing plan: This assignment should be approximately 10-12 PowerPoint Slides (not including title page and references).

Charles Town Patriots

Marketing Plan

Randy Ozbirn
Dr. Lisa Miller
SPMT609 D001 Fall 2020
December 20, 2020

This presentation is prepared for president and board of trustees

Overview of the Carolina League

Team Affiliation to MLB Location

Ashville Tourists Houston Astros Ashville, NC

Greensboro Grasshoppers Pittsburg Pirates Greensboro, NC

Greenville Drive Boston Red Sox Greenville, SC

Hickory Crawdads Texas Rangers Hickory, NC

Rome Braves Atlanta Braves Rome, GA

Winston-Salem Dash Chicago White Sox Winston-Salem, NC

There are currently six teams in the Carolina League with affiliations to Major League Baseball from different locations as shown in the table below

Front Office Staff
The front office staff positions that will be needed in this organization include:

Vice President and General Manager
Assistant General Manager
Assistant General Manager – Sales
Ticket Sales Manager
Box Office Coordinator
Marketing & Relations Director
Broadcasting & Multimedia Manager
Merchandise Manager

We need a total of 12 staff members
Each member plays a vital role in the organizatoin


Coaching Staff
Coaching staff that will be needed for this organization include:

Pitching Coach
Hitting Coach
Dugout Coach
Development Coach
Athletic Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

We need a total of 12 staff members
Each member plays a vital role in the organizatoin


Recommended Staff and Facilities

The recommended number of coaches that are allowed on a baseball team is limited to a maximum of six (Johnson 1995). Therefore, our team will also be staffed with the maximum number of coaches allowed. These coaches include the following: first base coach, third base coach, bench coach, pitching coach, hitting coach, and a bullpen coach
There are several facilities that will be needed as well. The team will need a 6,500-7,000 seating capacity stadium. Included in the stadium will be the administrative offices, concessions, box office, guest services, restrooms, suites, the team merchandise store, a strength/conditioning facility, home/visitor clubhouses, and a first aid facility. Parking outside the stadium will also be needed

The recommended number of coaches is sic
The facilities needed important for the game
Every coach has his or her own responsibility

Equipment Needed
Below is a listing of equipment that will be needed

Baseball gloves (Right and Left Handed)
Batting gloves (Right and Left Handed)
Batting helmets
Catchers equipment (Helmet, shin guards, facemask, catchers mitt, chest protector)
Baseball cleats
Hitting cage

The protective equipment are important for the players

History of the Carolina League
The Carolina League was officially announced on October 29, 1944. It began playing in 1945 with eight teams, all from North Carolina and Virginia(Wood et al. 2016)
The first president of the league was Thomas Wilson, who served for only two years from 1945-1947. John Hopkins served as president from 1984 until his retirement in 2017. In 2017 the current president, Geoff Lassiter, succeed John Hopkins
The league has played continuously since 1945. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Carolina League would extend as far north as Maryland. The league would expand during this time adding two expansion teams over a three year period
The Carolina League currently operates with ten teams, five of which are in the northern division and the remaining five in the southern division

The league was founded in 1945
Thomas Wilson was the first president, he served for 2 years
The current president is john Hopkins he has served for 36 years
The league has two division with five teams each

Benefits of a team in Charles Town
The addition of a team to the Carolina League means more money for the league
Generated revenue from ticket sales, suite sales, broadcast revenue, concessions, merchandise, and parking (Cebula et al.2009)
The Carolina league would greatly benefit, financial, by selecting to expand in to Charles Town, WV
Charles Town will also benefit financially from an expansion team by collecting taxes from ticket and suite sales, parking, concessions, and hotel sales
The economy of Charles Town will also increase due to visitors coming to the city to watch games. This means hotel revenue, restaurant revenue, and spending in the city as well as surrounding cities

The team will benefit both the league and the town financially.

Organizational Goals

Create a healthy and favorable environment for development of player skills
Develop a positive attitude in the players, both towards the game as well as the skill of good sportsmanship
Improve the technical skills of the players by giving each player a clear and decisive understanding of the game
Provide a solid platform for self-growth in the game of baseball, enhance the development of basis baseball skills, and prepare all players for promotion to Major Leagues Baseball
Set a high standard and be the model for player development, training, and discipline development among all players

The first goal is to provide a favorable environment
The second is developing a positive attitude in players

Mission Statement and Core Values
Mission Statement – To provide a platform for all player development by teaching a better skill set and techniques for the game of baseball and to provide each player with an equal opportunity to reach the Major Baseball League.

Core Values are as follows:

Honesty between the front office and players
Provide a commitment to our players and fans
Establish a trust with our players
Create the best service and quality for a family atmosphere
Always in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do
Endurance by being committed to not only our players but the community as well
Hard work to ensure our players and fans have the best experience possible

The mission statement is to provide a platform for player development
The major core value are honesty, commitment, trust, endurance and hard work

Community Relations and
Outreach Opportunities

Taking part in charity events organized by the community
Joining the community in campaigns, for or against, and advance these campaigns through baseball events
Take part in events that aim at creating awareness in the community and educating members of the community
Organizing fundraisers and taking part in organized fundraisers meant for the good of the community.
Using baseball to promote unity and oneness in the community by involving diverse community members in the sport

Taking part in charity events and fundraising are the main opportunities
Also campaigns and public education are opprtunities

SWOT Analysis

Generation revenue to the league and to Charles Town
Create employment opportunities for the community
Economic growth in not only Charles Town but surrounding communities

Expensive cost of a start-up baseball team
Insufficient funds for payroll due to the team being a start-up team
High cost of field maintenance and equipment

Generation of revenue, employment opportunities and economy growth are the stregths
High costs and insufficient money are the weaknesses

Proposed Timeline for

Sixth month, the field will be ready for use and inspection of the field complete
After completion of the field, the stadium offices will continue to be completed
Seventh month, all equipment will be purchased and tested for safety
Eighth month, interviews conducted for staff employment and coaches will be complete
Ninth month, players will be signed and the team roster will be complete
Tenth month, trainings will begin and games scheduled
This plan will be implemented over a ten to twelve month period

The proposed timeline is seven months maximum.

Cebula, R. J., Toma, M., & Carmichael, J. (2009). Attendance and promotions in minor league baseball: The Carolina League. Applied Economics, 41(25), 3209-3214.
Johnson, A. T. (1995). Minor league baseball and local economic development. University of Illinois Press.
Wood, M. B., & Jobber, L. (2016). The marketing plan handbook. Pearson.



Charles Town Patriots

Marketing Plan

Randy Ozbirn
Dr. Lisa Miller
SPMT609 D001 Fall 2020
January 3, 2021

Target Market

Marketing for minor league baseball is a complex process as there
are various targets to consider (Williams, 2015)
There are primary targets who are the specific groups being
targeted to the stadiums
There are secondary targets who are not as likely to attend any
baseball games

The target market is a group of customers who are within the serviceable area of the business. Marketing for the minor league baseball is a complex process because of the targets being considered (Williams, 2015).
There are primary targets and secondary targets.

Target Market

Various groups to choose from in and around the Charles Town, WV
Families in and around the Charles Town, WV area
Businesses in and around the Charles Town, WV area, which will also
serve as sponsors

There are various groups to pick from when considering the target market. These groups include families, business and other groups

Target Market
Target markets are broken down into primary and secondary target markets

This allows concentrated marketing efforts in key areas

Applies in Charles Town where there are residents and visitors to the area

Residents are the primary supporters and visitors are secondary

Target markets can be broken down into smaller market segments to effectively concentrate the marketing efforts on the key segments.
In Charles Town, this can apply through breaking down the target market into primary segment and secondary segments.
The primary targets will be the residents and local business while the secondary targets are visitors to Charles Town.

Primary Targets

Residents of Charles Town and
surrounding areas
Families who are most interested in
Individual residents who have an
interest in baseball
Businesses in Charles Town and
surrounding areas

The primary targets are the most targeted for the stadiums. They include the families that are most interested in baseball and the other residents of Charles Town WV area that are interested in baseball.

Secondary Targets

Secondary targets include:

Visitors to Charles Town and the
surrounding area

Businesses from outside the
Charles Town area

Media (Radio, Television. etc.)

Secondary targets include tourists or visitors to the Charles Town, WV area.
Business that are not from Charles Town, WV area.


The 5P’s of Marketing

Product being sold

Price of the product

Place of distribution for the product

Promoting informing to the consumer about the product

Positioning of the product in relation to competing products

The 5 P’s of marketing are;

The product is the service of a professional minor league baseball team
where the athletes are able to entertain fans with a baseball game

The teams compete and the players prepare themselves to possibly be promoted to a
major league baseball team

Baseball games act as a medium where the customers is spending leisure time
experiencing something

The young players are given an opportunity to showcase skills sets while
gaining experience

The product is a service where the professional minor league baseball athletes are able to entertain the fans with a game of baseball. The youth are given an opportunity to showcase their talent while gaining experience. The customers are able to enjoy their leisure while experiencing something.

The aim of price is to ensure the business is able to cater for its costs and make a profit

A dynamic pricing strategy is used in the sports world, by all sports, in an attempt at maintaining an optimum price at any given time

In a dynamic pricing strategy, ticket prices fluctuate from day to day based on various factors including team performance and weather (Drayer et al., (2012)

The pricing strategy that will be used is the dynamic pricing strategy. In dynamic pricing strategy ticket prices fluctuate from day to day based on various factors team performance and the weather (Drayer et al., (2012).


Minor league baseball can be consumed at the stadium by the fans watching the game

Minor League Baseball can also be consumed from various electronic devices such as television, radio, or cellular-mobile device

The sports facility may be used as an outlet for social interaction, hence a need for applying various service marketing techniques to maximize the consumer’s enjoyment (Westerbeek and David, 1999)

Place is considered the most important among all the P’s when dealing with sports services. Place can be the stadium where the sport is consumed or it can be through electronic devices like television and mobile devices. The sport facility can be used as an outlet for social interaction and hence applying various service marketing techniques to maximize the consumer enjoyment (Westerbeek and David, 1999).


Promotion can be used though merchandising, online advertisements and media coverage

Uses of billboards can be effective when the game is being played at home

Other forms of promotion can be through radio, which is effective for
a smaller town, newspaper or other print media

Promotion will be through merchandizing, online advertisements and media coverage. Radio is an effective medium especially for small towns and can be boosted by print media. The use of billboards can be during home matches.

The team will position itself as being a professional and disciplined
team in minor league baseball

The team’s positioning will be reflected in games as well as in the fan’s
enjoyment of the entertainment. The fans will be able to view a
professional and disciplined minor league baseball team in which the
fans will want to be associated with

The team will also be associated with the Charles Town, WV and
surrounding area. This association will be reflected in the team logo

The positioning will show a professional and disciplined team in the minor league. This will be seen in the matches where the team will be both professional and disciplined.
The team will also be associated with Charles Town, WV area. This will be reflected in the logo of the team.


Drayer, Joris & Shapiro, Stephen & Lee, Seoki. (2012). Dynamic Ticket Pricing in Sport: An Agenda for Research and Practice. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 21. 184-194

Westerbeek Hans M., and David Shilbury. (1999). Increasing the Focus on “Place” in the Marketing Mix for Facility Dependent Sport Services. Sport Management Review.Volume 2, Issue 1,Pages 1-23

William Blake. (2015). The Unique Sports Marketing Challenges Facing Minor League Baseball. FORBES. Retrieved from

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