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This course addresses the way in which leadership influences behavior in organizations and integrates the significant theories of leadership and management to shape organizational behavior and enhance organizational effectiveness. The focus is on understanding and influencing individual and group behavior, aligning people behind a common vision or direction. The role of business in society, stakeholder relations, corporate responsibility, and corporate governance best practices are explored.

· Describe the role of business in society in a historical and global context.
· Identify leadership styles that leverage cultural differences to remain competitive in a global setting.
· Develop sustainable organizational structures for a variety of operating environments to implement effective business strategies
· .Lead team projects participate as a team member and facilitate team processes.Integrate the prevailing approaches of organizational change management to implement change efforts and evaluate performance.
· Become thoroughly conversant with the issue of Chairman/CEO duality and understand the impact of the issue on the modern corporation.
· Describe the differences between common corporate governance structures in the US, Europe, and Asia.
· Understand the modern dynamics of shareholder activism on environmental issues, executive compensation, and social issues.

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