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Argumentative essay about anything in the Nursing must be in nursing This is the rubric for the essay Rubric for Argumentative Essay Times New Roman size 12 Third Person Point of View Smooth Transition Words ( 3 at least )Adjective Clauses ( 3 at least )Background Information Comparative Form ( 3 at least )Parallel Form ( 3 at least )3 sources (all scholarly) Reference Page Cover PageCorrect Verb Tense Modals ( 3 at least )Abstract CounterargumentThat is the rubric and the essay suppose to be 8 _ 10 pages without the cover page and the reference page and should be like this 1 – abstract 2 – Thesis Statement 3- pro argument 14- pro argument 25- pro argument 36- Counter Argument 7- Refutation 8- Conclusion And highlighting according to the rubric is very important For example when using transitions word should be highlighted.. etc like that.

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