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12:Working with Java’s built in ObjectsWrite a Java program that does the following. This can all be done inside the main() method.1. Using the System object, use the getenv method and display the result for the argument “OS”.FYI: From the Windows cmd window – type “set” to get a list of available system variables. The key-value pairs listed are what the getenv method can obtain.2. Using the System object, display the current time in milliseconds since Jan 1 1970. Hint: There is a method that does just that.3. Create a String named awake and assign it the value “true”. Create a primitive boolean variable named isAwake. Using the Boolean class, create the string result of isAwake and assign it to the string awake and display the result. Note to use the wrapper class Boolean instead of boolean.4. Create a Double variable and assign it the value of 100. Using the Double class, display the value as a HexString. Note to use the wrapper class Double instead of double.The results should be as follows. Your results for OS may vary and Milliseconds will vary. Boolean and Hex results should match as below.OS = Windows_NT Milliseconds since Jan 1 1970 = 1554768376670My Boolean result = trueMy Hex Result for 100 = 0x1.9p6

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