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1. Week 5 – Data Management Project: Physical DesignThe final project requires a physical design of the database you have selected for your project (Car Rental MySQL Database. this assignment just builds on this project each week that you have submitted to me. i attached what you wrote week one, in case you need the previous weeks answer you submitted to me i can send you ) .This database should be normalized in 3rd normal form. Write the CREATE TABLE statements for all the entities in the database you have been designing. Make sure to include the primary keys and foreign keys, plus the data types for each attribute. In addition, write INSERT statements to input 10 rows of data into at least one of your tables. Please make sure your physical data model is included with the submission. 2. Week 5 – Data Management Research PaperYour research paper, based on the topic you selected in week 3 ( topic: Mining Social Media Data attached below). Submit a research paper regarding an aspect of data management. Use this website to help with APA formatting. Here is a sample paper in APA format.Requirements:The paper must concentrate on a topic chosen in week 3 ( Mining Social Media Data) . APA 6.0 format should be followed in regard to the completion of this paper. That means there must be a title page and a separate reference page. The paper must be double spaced using Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Not counting the title and reference pages, the body of the research paper should be 5 – 7 pages. A minimum of three references should be cited in the body of the paper and shown on the reference page. assignment will be graded according to Data Management Research Paper Rubric (attached below)Resources:Google Scholar



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Car Rental MySQL Database
March 17, 2019
This paper entails all about a data management project. In this paper we are discussing
every aspect of database system among them the initial planning phase of the database project, the
problem statement-where we outline how the problem/the project idea would be solved, the
constraints, the objective, the project scope and boundaries among other aspects of the database
design. In this case, we outline an MYSQL database project which is all about a vehicle rental
system. This is a management system which aims at ensuring that the vehicle rental system is
working as expected. It ensures that every record within the premise is recorded and the necessary
calculation about the rental cost well retained.
Problem Statement
Many people want to experience a driving experience with or without having to own a
vehicle. In most cases, people who don’t own any vehicle on their own find it difficulty accessing
vehicle there can drive for their own needs at their own free time. This MySQL database project
aims to ensure that it provides a platform where any individual can be able to register and access
a vehicle of his/her choice temporarily. This will enable them to perform their task with ease. In
specific the project will help solve the following problems;
Enable car owner, or an agent leases his/her car temporarily for a profit.
Enable an individual to rent a vehicle of his choice for temporary usage.
Provide a wide choice of vehicle make and model to choose from.
Provide a flexible timeline for the car lease and rent – This enables each person to work
according to his time.
Ease the management task when it comes to processing of the car rental services.
The Database Project Constraint
The success of this project implementation will be made possible if there is adequate project
related resources such as time, the budget and the project scope. It is through sticking within the
project scope that we can be able to complete the project within the outline project timeline and
budget. At this level of project development, we can online outline the project constraint. There is
much we can expound about them, (Rouse, 2015). They are as follow;
The project scope – This defines what the project development team would be working on
and what they would not work as outlined below.
The project timeline – This is the project allocated time, everything we would work on, on
this project would be guided by the time allocated by the project client.
Budget – This includes the resource that would determine the extent of the project
Other constraints include human resources such as availability of the right project team
members and others not outlined here.
The Project Objectives
The specific aims of this car rental database project include; –
To ease the process of car rental services by ensuring that the customers can access the
vehicles of their choice at ease.
To provide a platform where the car owners/agents would be able to outline their services
and products, and also ensure that customer can view and select from those services.
To ensure that it is easier to calculate the cost and the payment depending on the vehicle
rental period.
The Project Scope
This car rental MYSQL database project covers everything related to the implementation of a
complete database project. This is from the cost calculation, user’s registration and the project
entities among others key elements of the project, (Moustafaev, 2014). The following outline some
of the key areas that we are going to focus on this project.
Car rental – In this we are going to focus on the key areas about the car rental services as
it applies to this project.
System development – This entails theoretical concepts on how this car rental system
would be implemented using a MySQL database.
The project does not entail a real implementation of the actual car rental services.
The project scope entails the project boundary wherein simple terms, we are not going to
include the actual car names, customer or any representation of the similar system. The project
does not cover the actual car cost and other real aspects.
Moustafaev, J. (2014). Project Scope Management: A Practical Guide to Requirements for
Engineering, Product, Construction, IT and Enterprise Projects. CRC Press.
My topic of discussion about data management is Mining Social Media
Data. In my discussion on this topic, I will touch on its definition about the data
management and its application in the current context.
As an overview, mining social media data is also known as Social Media
mining, which is a process by data and information is collected/extracted from the
user-generated contents from the social media sites such as Twitter and others. The
collected data can be used for various purposes such as analysis, advertisement
among others. Mining social media data involves a broad combination of various
concepts. Together they ensure that the company/the person who is doing the data
extraction from the user contents obtain the best result. This data mining concept
mainly involves the use of computer science fields such as programming among
others. Other critical areas involve machine learning, data mining, and statistics. The
miner, in this case, develops his algorithm that uses a combination of technics in a
bid to understand and get the contents from the social media, (SANTOS, 2013).
In this topic, I look forward at ensuring that I cover all the critical concepts
involved when it comes to social media data mining, in specific I will include the
data management concepts used and the use of the data collected from some of this
Barnhart, B. (2018, 8 28). Retrieved from
SANTOS, E. (2013, 3 6). Retrieved from

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