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This video is about a little girl, Beth Thomas, who was sexually abused until she was 19 months old. The impact on this little girl is both shocking and disturbing to watch. It is even more difficult to comprehend. After viewing this HBO documentary, one has to believe the little girl never grew up to have a normal life. Apparently she did, but not without controversy of the therapy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. used to rehabilitate her. Questions: What was your first impression after watching this video? Would you classify Beth a psychopath or pre-psychopath? Why? Can children like Beth be rehabilitated? What does Beth Thomas’ story tell us about the development of psychopathy?The primary reference for the essays will be your assigned textbooks. Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach Author: Curt Bartol, Anne BartolPublisher: Prentice HallEdition: 11thAPA Format

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