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(costco vs Walmart) Follow the following instructions.Pick two competitors. (I chose costco vs walmart). You must then do a detailed research into the most recent financial and economic data on them and answer the following questions in as much details as you can. 1) Which two companies did you select and what criteria did you use to make sure they are competitors in the business?( 2 points) 2) Write a brief history of both companies .( 4 points) 3) Write a detailed financial analysis of both companies based on most recent income statement and cash flow statement data. This answer should be based on as much hard data as you gathered and analysed. ( 10 points)
4) A new investor is looking to buy shares in a company. As a business analyst which of the two companies would you recommend to a new investor and why? You must give your explanation backed by data and analysis( 4 points)
The rough length of the project should be 5 pages excluding the cover page and references or bibliography. All references must be cited. APA style, Times New Roman, 12 font , 1.5 spacing. 1) The project should be written in the format of answers to the questions. answer them in a q-a format. Each question-answer should be in a separate paragraph.2) All data and tables MUST be in appendix and do NOT count towards your 5 pages. Your 5 pages is entirely your narrative and your answers to all the questions. Any data, tables, excel sheet, bibliography etc count as appendix. 3) Your chance of getting most points will rest on your detailed analysis of the 3 financial statements- mind it you must use all 3 financial statements and not 1 or 2.

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