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1. Alison Jolly – Conscious Chimps (1991).pdf In Cognitive Ethology: Essays in Honor of Donald R. Griffin, edited by Carolyn A. Ristau and Peter Marler, 231-252. New York: Psychology Press, 1991.2. Carl Safina – “What are Animals Thinking and Feeling.”…3. Pat Shipman – The Animal Connection and Human Evolution (2010).pdf(You don’t have to read the comments section, but I encourage you to do so.)4. The Rainbow Pug. Podcast Audio. Gimlet Media. November 12, 2015.…5. Richard Cupp – Animals as More Than Mere Things But Still Property, A Call for Continuing Evolution of the Animal Welfare Paradigm (2016).pdf6. (Optional, but strongly encouraged) Kathy Rudy – “For the Love of a Dog” in Loving Animals.7. (Optional) David Grimm – Dawn of the Dog (2015).pdf8. (Optional) Marc Shell – The Family Pet (1986).pdf9. Listen to The Rhino Hunter podcast at Radiolab: (Links to an external site.)10. Kathy Rudy – Loving Animals Chapter One: What’s Behind Animal Advocacy?Available online through UCI library access:…11. Listen to the Zoos podcast at Radiolab: (Links to an external site.)12. Ferdowsian and Beck – Ethical and Scientific Considerations Regarding Animal Testing and Research (2011).pdf13. McCoy – Subverting Justice, An Indictment of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (2007).pdf14. Explore UCI’s “University Laboratory Animal Resources:” a bibliographic citation and annotation in MLA style for each required reading/listening assignment due today For more information about using MLA style, see the Purdue OWL ( Refer to the Annotated Bibliographies page for tips.

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